The Tulsi Effect

MY pick for a Dem candidate made me proud in the debates….she made damn sure that the US Military was on that stage as well as the subjects that the media wants to talk about……

While the rest of the candidates at the first Democratic debate tonight have been doing their best to out-socialist each other, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has been trying to keep the country out of war.

When asked whether she would rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal—first negotiated by the Obama administration and withdrawn from by President Donald Trump—Gabbard gave an unequivocal yes, while warning about the dire consequences of war.

“War with Iran would be worse than war with Iraq,” said Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran. “Donald Trump and his chickenhawk cabinet—Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and others—are creating a situation where a spark would light a war with Iran. Trump needs to get back into the Iran deal, swallow his pride, and put America first.”

Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Dems With Powerful Anti-War Debate Answers

MSNBC would have rather stuck with immigration and health care and their favorite term “socialism”…almost as popular with the DNC as it is with the GOP….and the MSM is there as well.

One of my favorite op-ed writers, Maj. Danny Sjursen, wrote a piece for the American Conservative about Tulsi’s performance on the debate stage….

Democrats, liberals, progressives—call them what you will—don’t really do foreign policy. Sure, if cornered, they’ll spout a few choice talking points, and probably find a way to make them all about bashing President Donald Trump—ignoring the uncomfortable fact that their very own Barack Obama led and expanded America’s countless wars for eight long years. 

This was ever so apparent in the first two nights of Democratic primary debates this week. Foreign policy hardly registered for these candidates with one noteworthy exception: Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard—herself an (anti-war) combat veteran and army officer.

Now primary debates are more show than substance; this has long been the case. Still, to watch the first night’s Democratic primary debates, it was possible to forget that the United States remains mired in several air and ground wars from West Africa to Central Asia. In a two-hour long debate, with 10 would-be nominees plus the moderators, the word Afghanistan was uttered just nine times—you know, once for every two years American troops have been killing and dying there. Iraq was uttered just twice—both times by Gabbard. Syria, where Americans have died and still fight, was mentioned not once. Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, courtesy of a U.S.-supported Saudi terror campaign didn’t get mentioned a single time, either. 

The Tulsi Effect: Forcing War Onto the Democratic Agenda

Tulsi got some international recognition for her oppositipn to endless war……

….debate among half of the announced Democratic Party candidates to become their party’s nominee for president in 2020 was notable for its lack of drama. Many of those called on to speak had little to say apart from the usual liberal bromides about health care, jobs, education and how the United States is a country of immigrants. On the following day the mainstream media anointed Elizabeth Warren as the winner based on the coherency of her message even though she said little that differed from what was being presented by most of the others on the stage. She just said it better, more articulately.

On the following day traditional conservative Pat Buchanan produced an article entitled “Memo for Trump: Trade Bolton for Tulsi,” similar to a comment made by Republican consultant Frank Luntz “She’s a long-shot to win the presidency, but Tulsi Gabbard is sounding like a prime candidate for Secretary of Defense.”

Democratic Party Candidates for 2020: Who Won the Debate? Tulsi Gabbard Let the Genie out of the Bottle

After the first debate nothing has change for me….Tulsi is still my choice of the Dem candidates.

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9 thoughts on “The Tulsi Effect

  1. I understand the impeachment-loving TV commercial rich guy, Tom Steyer, is going to toss his hat into the ring with the rest of the Dems. I’m not surprised nor do I actually think he’s any better than most that are running. But we might want to consider a shift he could bring. He’s a Trump-hater big time and wants impeachment and that’s going to be his “thing” to push. Right now the others are all in lock step in some “Pelosi march” and no one is pushing impeachment… not even Biden…. or your girl Tulsi (that I am aware of). Just Steyer entering the campaign and the media covering his “impeach him” platform is going to force the others to have an opinion. The interesting part will be how the polls reflect, or not, his impeachment push… because what the polls suggest, the other candidates will have to address.
    Personally, I’m just a watcher and don’t have any other agenda myself other than to defeat Trump. I think Pelosi should do her damn job and begin impeachment inquiries.. and impeach away because the House MUST start the ball rolling.. and the hell with this idea that it will die in the Senate. That’s not the job of the House to strategize if an impeachment would win. Send impeachment to the Senate and let’s get ever last one of those dissenting Senate GOP’ers vote for the record and let their own states work that out in the next election.

    1. I like the idea of putting them on record but the coward Mitch will not allow that to happen…..I say let the SDNY handle the heavy lift then let the Congress come to their own conclusions……I still like Tulsi…..chuq

      1. I am not aware the Senate even has choice, so Mitch be damned. The House impeaches and presents to the Senate and it’s not an option for them. The SDNY is going to take forever… and while that might prove jail time for Trump after he’s gone, personally I could care less if he goes to jail or not. He’s ruining the country right now. Mueller’s testimony next week might light a fire for some of these clowns.

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