Poverty, Climate And Defense Spending

The first Dem debate is in the tank…..I heard very little about poverty, lost of lip service but no new ideas, climate was on the agenda for the MSM and little about out of control defense spending.

But fortunately there was an outlet for the candidates to go on the record without having to depend on the MSM to bring up the issues like they do with the debate.

The Institute on Policy Studies met with most of the candidates and got their views the day before the debate……

Where do the 2020 presidential candidates stand on poverty, climate change, taxes, and military spending?

Over 140 million Americans — or 43 percent of us — are poor or low-income, according to research by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Poor People’s Campaign. That poverty is compounded by the interlocking injustices of racism, militarism, and ecological devastation. It was caused not by poor personal decision making, but by massive public investments in policies that benefit a tiny few at the expense of the rest.

The good news? We have abundant resources to fix it, our Poor People’s Moral Budget report shows. All we have to do is get them out of the military, Wall Street, and the mass incarceration industry and into programs that actually work for the public.

When we launched our Moral Budget with the Poor People’s Campaign, we asked nine 2020 presidential candidates if they had the political will to put those resources to work for the public.


If you are considering voting in 2020 then maybe this post and accompanying article will be helpful….I try to be as much FYI as I possibly can…..hoefully it will be informative.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


4 thoughts on “Poverty, Climate And Defense Spending

  1. The money is always there, in every western country. They simply choose not to eradicate poverty, as that keeps the workers in ‘their place’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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