Wag The Dog!

Trump over the weekend was freaking out on Twitter over the announcement that Mueller would be testifying before Congress this month.

Then from the shadows came the word that the US was deploying a strike group to the Middle East….

The United States will send an aircraft carrier and a bomber task force to the Middle East in response to “troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran, national security advisor John Bolton announced on Sunday.

Bolton, who is known for his hawkish stance on Iran, did not specify what “warnings” the United States was responding to; however, a U.S. official with knowledge of the situation told CNN that threats had been made against “both U.S. maritime and land-based forces in the Middle East.”

Although there has been no indication that “any action by Iran is imminent,” the deployments are meant as a deterrent, the official told the news network.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed on Sunday that the U.S. had seen “escalatory actions from the Iranians,” AP reported. He refused to elaborate on what these actions entailed, yet insisted that “we have good reason to want to communicate clearly about how the Iranians should understand how we will respond to actions they may take.”

What troubling developments?

Was this the news to deflect the temper tantrum our Dear Beloved Supreme Leader is having during his most recent meltdown?

Please tell me this is not some BS to “protect” Israel.

With all the aid they get from the US they are well capable of protecting themselves from rockets and stones.

Speaking of rockets…..what happened to their “Iron Dome” defense…a system that the US is suppose to buy….if rockets get through maybe it is not as effective as they say…..maybe the US should save that cash.  (Sounds like a good topic for a post)

My money is on trying to divert attention from Trump to Iran…..a diversion too often used by this administration (well most admins have used this technique)……..

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4 thoughts on “Wag The Dog!

  1. I think all this uproar about Iran is to protect Israel. And the alliance, if that us the correct word, with Saudi Arabia.

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