Closing Thought–02May19

I am not a big fan of the use of mercenaries to do our bidding in the implementation of our foreign policy…..that said the biggest merc has been Erik Prince and his Blackwater (among others) and now he has a new patron…..China……

Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s new company is reportedly operating in Iraq, a country from which his former company was banned for killing civilians.

A subsidiary of Frontier Services Group (FSG), a security and logistics company Prince founded in Hong Kong, has set up shop in Basra, Iraq, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday, citing official documents. The subsidiary, the Dubai-based Frontier Logistics Consultancy DMCC, has officially registered as a foreign company with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade, an official document from last year shows.

In March, Prince told Al Jazeera that he hoped to see FSG supporting oil operations in countries like Iraq. Their subsidiary is operating out of Basra, which is located in the oil-rich southern region.

Now here is where my problem arises……if China is fronting him the cash and he has access to sensitive info….will he share it with his masters? Does that not mean he needs to register as a foreign agent? Has he done so?

News has come out that Prince is offering a merc army to fight against Maudro……

Erik Prince – the founder of the controversial private security firm Blackwater and a prominent supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump – has been pushing a plan to deploy a private army to help topple Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicholas Maduro, four sources with knowledge of the effort told Reuters.

Over the last several months, the sources said, Prince has sought investment and political support for such an operation from influential Trump supporters and wealthy Venezuelan exiles. In private meetings in the United States and Europe, Prince sketched out a plan to field up to 5,000 soldiers-for-hire on behalf of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, according to two sources with direct knowledge of Prince’s pitch.

One source said Prince has conducted meetings about the issue as recently as mid-April.

Keep in mind that Prince has offered up a merc army to takeover in Afghanistan…..

This is a despicable person in my opinion……plus I would not trust this toad as far as I can spit him.

I think Prince is a crimminal….and I apparently am not the only one who thinks this……

The chairman of the House intelligence committee is making a criminal referral to the Justice Department for the founder of the security firm Blackwater, with Adam Schiff alleging Erik Prince lied to his committee in 2017. Prince testified to the panel that a meeting in the Seychelles islands with a Russian with ties to Vladimir Putin was a chance encounter. He said, “I didn’t fly there to meet any Russian guy.” That’s directly contradicted by the special counsel’s report on the Russia investigation, which says the meeting was set up ahead of time and that there were communications about it with Trump campaign adviser Steve Bannon. Questions have long surrounded the mysterious meeting, reports the AP, which has more:

Prince met with Kirill Dmitriev, who headed a Russian sovereign wealth fund, as Trump was preparing to take office and the Russian government was seeking contacts with the incoming administration. Dmitriev reported directly to Putin, according to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Prince told Mueller’s investigators that he had briefed Bannon on the meeting, but Bannon told them they never discussed it. The report says investigators couldn’t iron out the “conflicting accounts” by reviewing communications, in part because text messages between them were missing. Phone provider records showed that Bannon and Prince had exchanged dozens of messages, including two that Prince sent within hours of the meetings with Dmitriev, but the investigators could not find the messages on their phones. Prince denied deleting messages and Bannon said he did not know why the messages were missing. Schiff said Tuesday there is strong evidence that Prince, a prominent supporter of President Trump, “willingly misled” the intelligence committee as it probed connections between Trump’s campaign and Russia. “The evidence is so weighty that the Justice Department needs to consider this,” Schiff said.

One potential wrinkle, from the Washington Post: Schiff and his committee do not yet know what Prince’s arrangement with Mueller was. If the men arranged a deal that saw Prince give information “under the condition it not be used against him, then being able to prove” Prince lied in his congressional testimony “might be problematic,” says Schiff. The Justice Department didn’t have immediate comment on the referral. Prince is the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

To use a meme of our Dear Beloved Supreme Leader…..

Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

Any thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02May19

      1. Authoritarians can get away with anything. My parents had gone through dictatorship and authoritarianism for 24 years ,under the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. And they say Trump’s acting like an authoritarian.

      2. I remember when he left and the shoes of Emelda (?) were shown on TV…..sorry that was an image was an image that stayed with me….chuq

  1. Those private ‘armies’ were discredited as long ago as the Belgian Congo fighting in 1960-65. Yet they never go away, and governments keep giving them credibility.
    It’s just shameful.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I enjoy reading adventure thrillers and spy intrigue novels. Of course all that is fiction but leads me to believe the US and other countries have all kinds of networks, mercenaries and clandestine government hitmen and such that would be quite shocking to the general public as well as would be the deeds they perform. The various authors of these fiction novels have such a broad knowledge of these enterprises and operations that the story lines become quite believable and leave the reader in a very uncomfortable frame of mind.

    1. Security firms are a code for mercs….Forsyth book “Dogs of War was his actual attempt in a coup in Benin…s he got most of the facts right…..chuq

  3. Prince’s shady dealings aside….I’m fasciby the concern over companies that contract with legitimate governments……vice the lack thereof over involuntary conscription. The residents of Freetown, Sierra Leone…..have a far different view of mercenaries than most of the general public. And for good reason.

    1. I can remember if you fought another nation you lost your citizenship…..but now it is okay because….I am old enough to remember Biafra and Angola…..chuq

      1. Sure, but isnt the concept of citizenship supposed to be more more fluid these days? Even we (at least used to recently) enlist non-citizens who were pursuing naturalization…..and they fought.

      2. I have no problem with that path….my bitch is American citizens that fight in other country’s wars but not in their own…..chuq

      3. Yes…my grandfather went to Spain in 1936 and he was hounded until 1960 about loss of his citizenship because of his participation….chuq

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