Which Celebrity?

We are so far away from 2020 that it seems silly to even mention it….that was until the Dems are starting to look for the “special” person that will bring some energy to the party….a party that is dominated by old farts that have old farts ideas….they, Dems, are looking for that personality they can build cult around.

We could say Warren, since she has announced, is the front runner…..not a vote generator from me….she talks like a progressive but she has caved on too many issues for me.

Cory Booker is one name that pops up….personally I say no….he is a media whore meaning he is more concerned about being on the tube than the policies.

The one name that the Dems are looking to with the help of mainstream media is Beto O’Rourke….he does not excite me…..he is from Texas and is as conservative as a Democrat can be without changing parties….not progressive enough.

I could go on but I shall let someone else do the work….

Just before the new year, Steve Phillips, senior fellow at liberal think tank Center for American Progress, filed paperwork to launch a Super PAC to support New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s anticipated 2020 run. The announcement raises a number of red flags, including about the choice to rely on Super PACs at a time when voters are increasingly skeptical of large campaign donations. But perhaps the most concerning issue is that Phillips’s involvement with Booker’s campaign may represent the further deprioritization of ideology among Democratic politicians.

Let me explain.

The dominant lens through which Philips understands politics is demographic. He is the author of “Brown is the New White,” a New York Times best-seller about how America’s growing nonwhite population is the key to the Democratic Party’s success. Phillips believes that Democrats should prioritize mobilizing nonvoting Americans of color (which it should). But he also argues that Democrats should not “waste money” appealing to white swing voters, derisively rejecting “conventional wisdom” that advocates for “empathy for the anxiety of moderate white voters.” According to Philips, because there is a “ceiling” of white support, courting white voters offers diminishing returns.


All in all the old angry white guy in Congress is being replaced….the sooner the better…..


I hope the trend toward progressive ideas will continue and we can finally have programs that benefit the nation not the donors.

At the time of this draft there are 3 announced Dems and a bunch thinking it over…..more to come.

I think we have had enough of the stodgy old farts in the Dem Party….time we find some energy ……..we need candidates that look to the future and not be satisfied with the past.


11 thoughts on “Which Celebrity?

  1. I hear names mentioned and I keep looking, but no one has stood out yet. I keep looking at Trump’s poll numbers and waiting for the Mueller report to see if Trump will run again. And keep looking for a ruplicuan candidate to run other than Trump.

    It us way to early to start picking favorites.

    I never say I will not vote for someone until I see who they are running against. There is always the possibility that there is someone worse out there who could run.

    1. I vote for policies that is why I have only voted for a winner in 50 years…..but I will not change….policies are more important than celerity. chuq

  2. I voted for Kennedy, Johnson, Regan twice, GW Bush in 1992, Clinton in 96, and Obama twice. So I have six winners, or eight depending on whether you count candidates or elections. Changed parties in 76 and then again in 96. I vote for the party. The candidate is important but I think it is more important to look at all the people who will come with the candidate, including the federal judges who will be picked.

  3. Those names mean little or nothing outside America, chuq. I think any genuine candidate for 2020 needs to get some experience on the ‘World Stage’, before being nominated. After all, the USA is the dominant force in at least half of the planet.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. At this point, those names don’t mean much to much to the people in the US either. We will have to get to kniw them in the campaigns and debates. Most congressmen are unknown outside their own districts. Same with governors and senators.

      1. Wales can never decide if it wants to be part of Britain, let alone Europe. Half the country speaks Welsh, which nobody else can understand. It has its own ‘Assembly’, but also sends members to Parliament. (Same as Scotland, but England does not have that luxury.) English people are pretty sick of the Welsh, in all honesty. (They are a lot like the French Canadians, to put it in context.)
        Most of Wales voted ‘Leave’, but is now scared that the foreign companies will pull out of their economy. The second vote is unacceptable to people like me. We voted to Leave, and that should be it.
        Just heard that may lost her ‘Deal Vote’ by 230. That’s a huge defeat, so what next?

      2. Thanx for the heads up…like I wrote it is getting pretty confusing like some of our stuff…..I am having a hard time keeping up…..chuq

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