Closing Thought–30Jan19

You want Trump to listen?

I have a few friends that I consider part of the Far Right…..and I read this article and if they have a podcast then they could, if they wanted, to get Trump’s attention…and here is how to go about that task……

Nancy Pelosi wants to work with Donald Trump. That’s the message the incoming speaker of the House has been broadcasting, countering the #Resistance mood among her conference’s left wing. “Pelosi told me that she and the House Democrats had every intention of working with President Trump on things like lowering prescription-drug costs, rebuilding America’s infrastructure and protecting the young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers from deportation,” Robert Draper wrote in his cover profile of Pelosi after the midterm elections for the New York Times Magazine. Pelosi’s December 11 meeting with the president in the Oval Office was a demonstration, however unsuccessful, of her willingness to engage with the man.

But there’s no formula for successfully negotiating with this mercurial, ad hoc chief executive. Pelosi’s first attempt to do so, an agreement in September 2017 to protect the Dreamers from deportation in exchange for border security funding, fell apart not long after it was announced.

Hopefully this will be helpful if my blogging friends decide to visit and read….

Extinction Of The White Dinosaur

It appears that there is a movement that sees the end of the rule of the old angry white man, the white dinosaur, but could this country finally be moving beyond the rule of the white man?

In opinion piece that covers this phenom……

The election of so many women in the last election is part of the process of the extinction……the problem is that these women need to carve out their spot in politics and stick to their guns.

I look forward to these young freshman representatives embrace their destiny and make their mark on the people and the country.

I wish them luck!

Dammit Venezuela!

My small expertise is in the Middle East….but these days the US seems to be beating the war drums for Venezuela…..I wish I could give an expert comment but I will have to depend on the writings of others….

The president has committed to sanctions against the Venezuela, economic sanctions……

The Trump administration imposed sanctions Monday on the state-owned oil company of Venezuela, PDVSA, a potentially critical economic move aimed at increasing pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to cede power to the opposition, the AP reports. National security adviser John Bolton and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced the measures against the company. They are also aimed at boosting Maduro’s rival, opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom the administration recognized last week as Venezuela’s legitimate leader. The sanctions will include a freeze on any assets the firm may have in US jurisdictions and bar Americans from doing business with it. Senator Marco Rubio, a vocal critic of Maduro who has called for such sanctions, welcomed the move even before it was announced.

This economic war against all the Troubles in Venezuela……the problems they are having is a direct response to past sanction……

The political and economic crisis facing Venezuela is being endlessly pointed to as proof of the superiority of the free market.

Images and portrayals of Venezuelans rioting in the streets over high food costs, empty grocery stores, medicine shortages, and overflowing garbage bins are the headlines, and the reporting points to socialism as the cause.

The Chicago Tribune published a Commentary piece titled: “A socialist revolution can ruin almost any country.” A headline on Reason’s Hit and Run blog proclaims: “Venezuelan socialism still a complete disaster.” The Week’s U.S. edition says: “Authoritarian socialism caused Venezuela’s collapse.”

Indeed, corporate-owned, mainstream media advises Americans to look at the inflation and food lines in Venezuela, and then repeat to themselves clichés they heard in elementary school about how “Communism just doesn’t work.”

Okay we know of Trump’s ideas for the future of Venezuela…..then there are those that laugh at them….

Ever since the Trump administration announced that it was no longer recognizing the legitimacy of the elected government of Venezuela I’ve been arguing with people on social media about this president’s brazen coup attempt in that country.

The people arguing with me in favor of Trump’s interventionism are almost exclusively Trump supporters, with leftists and antiwar libertarians more or less on my side with this issue and rank-and-file centrists mostly preferring to sit this one out except to periodically mumble something about it being a distraction from the Mueller investigation.

This situation keeps developing and eventually it will coil and strike.

I will be watching……

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