Closing Thought–19Oct18

I am one of the disappearing population….vets that served in Vietnam…..and it has been 50+ years since that conflict….as the last of the WW2 vets die and the forgotten war, Korea also winds down….it is the Viet vets that are next…will we be remembered?

Vietnam–This war was no different that any of our many wars……it played in an election…..

….the 54th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the joint act of Congress that gave President Lyndon Johnson the power to combat communist aggression in Southeast Asia.

The resolution, which was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives and all but two votes in the Senate, was the response to a clash between U.S. and North Vietnamese forces in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of North Vietnam in the early days of August 1964. At the time, the American public and many in Congress believed that U.S. naval forces were the victims of an unprovoked attack by North Vietnamese patrol boats in international waters. For years afterward, the so-called Gulf of Tonkin incident was considered the starting point of the Vietnam War. The truth behind the matter is not that simple.

With just days before our next election……how will history view this election in relation to war?

Better yet… many remember that we are still fighting numerous wars?  Does it matter?

A closing thought within a closing thought……

You’d hardly know it from the news, but we’ve been continuously at war in Afghanistan since 2001. The war quietly turned 17 on October 7.

Unfortunately, America’s amnesia didn’t prevent Command Sergeant Major Tim Bolyard from being killed in Afghanistan in early September during his eighth combat tour and 13th deployment.

And now for some music interlude…….

8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Oct18

  1. Could you imagine how our lives while serving back then would have been a bit more bearable had we cell phones to call home.. or Skype to connect with family… rather than waiting to stand in line at the only pay phone booth on base to call home maybe once a month? In fact… nowadays you can connect during real time combat.
    I recall on the news this soldier in Afghanistan got into a firefight and during the event his cell phone accidentally bumped and called home.. like a butt call… and it called his folks at home. They were not home so the sounds of the firefight and guys yelling ended up recorded for mom and dad to listen to when they got home. Must have been traumatic for them to say the least… their son in combat. On the other hand… now they know first hand the real risks he has to take to survive. We thought life was great when we got a cassette message from home… and I was never in a war zone like you. I can only imagine.

    1. MARS radio was the only way to call home in those days from Vietnam…..I cannot imagine being able to call home in the middle of an op……that is just freaky….chuq

  2. It will be up to the sons and daughters of Vietnam vets to keep their memories alive. And as long as you have that sobering memorial in Washington D.C., those names will never be forgotten.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. True….but the Wall is powerful….but the last time I was there about 6 years ago most of the visitors were Viet vets or family looking for a rub of a dead loved one…..chuq

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