19 October 1739–WAR!

Before I start most of my regulars know that I am a student of war (conflict)…and I am interested in the origins and the solutions of these conflicts throughout history.

Wars have been started because of some very unusual reasons…..unusual like an EAR.

In the year 1739 United Kingdom declared war on Spain because of an incident in Florida……

The 9th April marks the anniversary of the event which led to the bizarrely named War of Jenkins’ Ear, an eighteenth century conflict which came to foreshadow many of the historical themes that dominated the nineteenth century.

The man at the centre of the conflict was Captain Robert Jenkins, a British sea captain. On 9th April, 1731, while sailing in the Caribbean, Jenkins’ ship Rebecca was apparently stopped and boarded by a crew of Spanish coast guards led by Captain Juan de Leon Fandino. The coast guards pillaged the ship, attacked the crew, and ultimately set it adrift. Most shockingly, Jenkins claimed that the Spanish crew had tied him up and cut off his ear.


Plus a little more information on this war……


For those that cannot read……or that want it fed to them simply….I have a short video that can make it easier to learn….

This is one of those situation that most history books omit because they are considered by some as unimportant……to me NO war is unimportant and a society could learn much by remembering and studying ab out what went wrong.

That is the old Professor’s history lesson for the day…..”Learn more today so that you will know more tomorrow”.

Class Dismissed!


11 thoughts on “19 October 1739–WAR!

  1. Cool historical tidbit. I love these things.
    Although, throughout history it’s not taken a helluva lot of reason for England, Spain, and France to fight each other, between each other, like some sort of wrestling tag team.

  2. Back then nation’s went to war over such idiotic moves by lone commanders in the field or on the high seas; pride was everything. Hell, we created one war ostensibly over a small gunboat from a Fifth World nation firing a few bullets at one of our ships. We sure showed them! (over ten years and at the cost of 50,000 of our soldiers and unknown numbers of their soldiers and civilians later.. until we just gave up and left).

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