Business As Usual

The US is giving the Saudis as much cover as it can without being too overt…..the Saudis story changes daily kinda like the story about their airstrike on a school bus full of children…..Trump sends in the uber Neocon, Pompeo, to get to the bottom of the Khashoggi affair…..that is a laugh…..Pompeo went before the cameras in KSA smiling like a Chesshire (?) Cat…..

Mike Pompeo continues to urge patience with the Jamal Khashoggi case: The US secretary of state says he has advised the White House to give Saudi Arabia “a few more days” to complete its investigation into the journalist’s disappearance. At that point, “we can make decisions about how or if the United States should respond to the incident,” Pompeo told reporters Thursday. “There a lot of stories out there,” and “we just are going to allow the process to move forward, allow the facts to unfold.” But after meeting with Pompeo and President Trump to discuss Pompeo’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Turkey earlier this week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Thursday he is pulling out of a high-profile investor conference he had planned to attend in Saudi Arabia next week. No other government officials will attend in his place, CNN reports.

17 days after the murder and they still need more time to “investigate” (that is code for cover-up)……

Of course Our Dear Supreme Leader made it a point to tell the media that he has NO financial projects in Saudi Arabia…..that may be true but what about the Saudis in the US?

Trump & Saudi Business: •1991: Sold yacht to Saudi Prince •2001: Sold 45th floor of Trump World Tower to Saudis •Jun 2015: I love the Saudis…many in Trump Tower •Aug 2015: “They buy apartments from me…Spend $40M-$50M” •2017: Saudi lobbyists spent $270K at Trump DC hotel…..(FOX News Research)

Plus the day that Pompeo goes to KSA and a hundred million bucks is sent to the US……

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew into Riyadh to discuss the disappearance and likely death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia transferred $100m to the State Department for US efforts against the Islamic State (IS) group, the New York Times reported late Tuesday.

While the funding was approved earlier in the summer, critics have viewed the timing of the transfer payment with suspicion.

“The timing of this is no coincidence,” a US official told the New York Times.

The US State Department envoy for the anti-IS coalition said in a statement on Wednesday that they “expected the contribution to be finalized in the fall time frame”.

Seriously?  Or is that a bribe payment?

But I believe the Saudis have their lie down to something that Our Dear Supreme Leader can use….after all the Saudis are his best customers in his hotels and in his properties that he needs bailing out……

We now have the lie of lies……

Amid a massive wave of international condemnation, Saudi Arabia might be ready to publicly blame somebody for the apparent killing of Jamal Khashoggi—and it isn’t Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Instead, sources tell the New York Times, Saudi officials are preparing to point the finger at Maj. Gen Ahmed al-Assiri, an intelligence official who serves as an adviser to the prince. The sources say the Saudis plan to claim that Assiri received instructions from the prince to capture Khashoggi for interrogation and the journalist ended up dead after Assiri either misunderstood or exceeded his orders. The Times notes, however, that this explanation would involve admitting that the prince “ordered an operation to abduct a resident of the United States.”

This steaming pile of bovine fecal matter will satisfy Trump but then a simpleton like him is easy to fool……just massage his ego and all will be fine….no matter the crime committed.

They will get away with it!

And now Alt-Right sites are tying Khashoggi to the Muslim Brotherhood among others…..FOX trying to demonize a  murdered journalist……this man went to the Saudi Consulate and was then tortured and killed and he left in pieces in a bag and he IS the bad guy in all this.

It is the lying bastards like these that make me despise the Right…well the Right that is holding Trump’s nuts for him.  These are pathetic assholes!

Plus they will allow the murdering toads in Saudi Arabia get away with torture and murder……this is the government of Our Dear Supreme Leader, Trump the Tool!


2 thoughts on “Business As Usual

  1. The western leaders are so tied up with the Saudis, we probably only know the half of it. Even with so-called ‘freedom of information’, we only get to see as much as they want us to see.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Especially this president……he has his hands in the Saudi pockets and they want something in return….and his rhetoric shows just how much he owes the Saudis….chuq

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