What I Like

As we edge ever closer to the midterm elections I need to let some thoughts be known……

What I Like (Or If You Cannot Fight Facts Then Make Shit Up)…(The code of the conservs)

You know what I like about conservs?  Well……(pause here for thought)….. NOTHING!  I guess I need to be a bit more forthcoming (something the Righties have NO idea how to do)….I dislike conservs these days because they think that society owes them a deal and in return they owe nothing to society.  They want society to let them go wild and do as they see fit regardless of what it destroys or ruins…..as long as they can profit.

I guess I had better stop here and explain that when I am saying “society” I am talking about the government (hope that clears it up for those slower readers on the Right)

That was not fair was it?  Well buck up….when the mental midgets on the Right learn civility then I shall be glad to do so as well……until then I shall continue.

I have to admit that by using “conservs” I am lumping all on the Right into one category….that is a mistake the slugs on the Right these days are no more a conserv than Eugene Debs (do I really need to explain that?).  Sorry to say that because you can quote a Biblical passage does not make one a conserv….it does make one a hypocrite in the highest order. So I will apologize to true conservs for this but the others can if they think I will apologize to them can…..BITE ME!

If conservs had their way the state would not be political at all…..but then that would not be profitable now would it?  These tools need the government to make sure that they are free to rape the nation without interference.

I mean what can you expect when the leader of their party is handling world affairs as if it is his real  estate business…..he is making as many friends as he can before he leaves office for further and future business opportunities….

These so-called conservs are doing more damage to this country than anything and their attacks on the nation will take generations to repair…..not even the much feared communists could have done this much damage.

For years the conservs blamed the Dems for everything that happened in this country and yet once their butt boy gets elected nothing is unacceptable….I mean they still blame Dems for things that they themselves are doing…it is all so amusing to anyone with an IQ above say their shoe size.

I also like the way conservs cannot explain liberals so they demonize them because they cannot beat them with truth and facts.

Vote for progress not regression!

Turn The Page!

9 thoughts on “What I Like

  1. I like making stuff up because that seems to be what the Main Stream Miasma (Media) does and if it works for them, then it works for me. The “Me Too” Movement does a lot of it too as does so-called Pubic Media. Making stuff up is the flavor of the day where news and information is concerned and I want to be up to date and modern, so I make stuff up too. Who cares? Who will ever know the difference? Most people walk about their daily lives in a state of zombie-like half-awareness anyway.

      1. My neighborhood came out well. Rained most of the night but very little wind. Low areas had some flooding and trees were down around town where the wind was high.
        Further south it was a disaster and towns on the coast wiped out.

        As global temperatures climb we will see storms more and more severe. Next century could end civilization as we know it unless we reduce the amount of carbon on the atmosphere.

      2. Glad to hear all is okay…..I agree these storms are getting more frequent and stronger every year…..soon it will be too late to try and reverse this trend. chuq

  2. What annoys me, as a foreigner, is how they are quick to label people as ‘Socialists’ or ‘Communists’, without the first idea about what those political beliefs actually represent.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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