That Incessant Drumbeat

Since WW2 there has been this part of corporate America that has fallen in love with the obscene profit it can make from war….and these people have never allowed the drumbeat to be silenced or far from the minds of Americans… made sure that we always had an enemy at the gates that we needed to prepare for their imminent invasion.

First it was those Godless commies…..then there was the threat of terror in every corner of the country…..a lie that scared the be-Jesus out of those weal minded fools on the Right….and now with terrorism on the wane (for now)……we are now focused on Russia (yet again) and China as the threats that we need to prepare for in the next confrontation.

Marketing war has become the mainstay of our foreign policy….more so now that ever before……

The claim that the national security of the United States requires that more than half the nation’s discretionary budget must be devoted to the maintenance of armies, global strategic bases and massive armaments is false. Until we can convince the majority of the public of this fiction, and surmount the wall of disinformation, nothing will change and we will continue down the road to a hellish future.

This statement of course contradicts the incessant indoctrination emanating from Washington and the corporate media that U.S. foreign policy is devoted to the maintenance of global peace and a “liberal” and just world order in the face of enemies who wish to destroy that order. The facts controvert such declarations yet to emphasize them is to be accused of disloyalty, a lack of patriotism, and conspiracy mongering.

That sub-conscience drumbeat that every American has been subjected to especially through the MSM…..drumming….drumming….

The problem is that the nation has all the weapons it needs to fight its war either real or perceived but there is a bigger problem that needs addressing……

The U.S. military would be able to handle itself adequately in a single major regional conflict while maintaining smaller operations around the globe, but its “marginal” capabilities mean America would struggle if forced to take on a second major conflict at the same time, a new report has found.

That is the conclusion of The Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of U.S. Military Strength, which offers reviews of the past year’s defense-policy issues. The index looks at both the global operating environment and an internal assessment of U.S. military strength. As in previous years, all topics are rated on a five-point scale: “very weak,” “weak,” “marginal,” “strong,” and “very strong.”

The drumbeat will continue until Americans realize that there is profit in peace…..all it takes is the will and a way will be found.

2 thoughts on “That Incessant Drumbeat

  1. America could easily defend itself against a conventional attack from its borders with Canada or Mexico. It has an ideal situation, with no powerful enemies on the same continent. As a country, it could just defend itself, and be prepared, rather than constantly becoming involved in foreign wars, and global expansion.
    But that would cost a lot less, as we know.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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