A Clinton Dynasty?

Closing Thought–21Aug18

We have these petty dynasties in the political world……the Kennedys, the Bushes and now possibly a Clinton Dynasty.

It began with Bubba and has continued with Hillary and now their daughter Chelsea could keep up the political dynasty……

Chelsea Clinton will not rule out a future in politics. Per the Guardian, the daughter of Democratic superstars Bill and Hillary Clinton was plugging her children’s book at the Edinburgh international book festival when the question of her potential future in elected office was posed. While bashing Trump, the New York City resident said she is a big supporter of her state and local officials. However, if one of those politicians were to retire, Clinton can’t say exactly what she’d do. “If that were to change, if my city councillor were to retire, if my congresswoman were to retire, my senators, and I thought that I could make a positive impact, then I think I would really have to ask my answer to that question,” she said.

Meanwhile, Clinton did strike a somewhat political tone when addressing the Trump administration’s handling of undocumented immigrants. “I think I’m just so fundamentally my mother’s daughter that I’m far more outraged by the Trump administration ripping children away from their families at the border and not having reunified those children with their families now for months, than I am about anything he has ever done to my families,” she said. Per the Hill, Clinton said she is a “definite no now” in answer to whether she’d seek office, but “a definite maybe in the future.”

A definite NO?  That is about as accurate as all those politicians that want to spend more time with their families…yep it is a BS answer to a direct question….

I said back during the Hillary run and Chelsea was trotted out to support mom that it was just getting her ready to step up when her parents are through scamming the public….the American people.

She has learned from the best about greed and using government to achieve it…..plus she became a hedge fund manager and married one so all the greed is there so politics would be the perfect place to go for the future.

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