Iran Action Group

Looks like the Neocons have truly taken the policy….just as in the days prior to the invasion and then the occupation of Iraq in 2003….the State Department has put together a group to use all tools at its disposal to make some sort of war on Iran…..

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Thursday the establishment of the Iran Action Group, a task-force to coordinate all of President Donald Trump’s efforts against Iran.

The group will be led by Brian Hook, a State Department official who served as an adviser to John Bolton in 2006, when the Iran hawk was US ambassador to the United Nations.

“The Iran Action Group will be responsible for directing, reviewing and coordinating all aspects of the State Department’s Iran-related activity, and will report directly to me,” Pompeo said at a news conference.

This smells like a deja vu moment.

Something to consider….the media will be used to help start a war if a war is in the cards……they have always been a great propaganda tool….

Donald Trump has again stirred the wrath of his critics by charging that the media can cause wars. His opponents immediately howled that he’d launched another salvo in his ongoing campaign to vilify journalists as the “enemy of the people.” They also ridiculed his contention as factually absurd. Fox News reporter Chris Wallace bluntly asked National Security Advisor John Bolton: “What wars have we caused?” Princeton University historian and CNN analyst Julian E. Zelizer epitomized the view that Trump’s charge is unfounded with a piece in The Atlantic titled, “The Press Doesn’t Cause Wars—Presidents Do.”

Zelizer and similar critics are technically correct, of course. Media outlets have no power to launch attacks on foreign countries or order U.S. troops into combat. But that view is much too narrow. As Zelizer himself admits, the new media have considerable ability to influence public opinion. Such a capacity to shape the overall narrative is not a trivial power. An irresponsible press can, and has, whipped up public sentiment in favor of military actions that subsequent evidence indicated were unnecessary and even immoral.

Keep an eye on the rhetoric coming from the media….it will signal the path the US will embark on when dealing with Iran.

5 thoughts on “Iran Action Group

  1. A foreign war is a good diversion from the mounting issues at home threatening his presidency. If things get too hot in D.C., I think we can expect a hasty war, to make Americans ‘feel great again’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Nothing like laying waste to some Third World country in order to shove democracy down their throat to make us feel good. Hot damn for nation building!

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