Are You Hungry?

When I was a mere boy I recall when the government had a give-a-way……my grandmother would take us kids and wait in long lines for a couple of pounds of butter and some cheese….those were the days before food stamps and such…..

What made me think of those days gone by was something I read about another surplus the government has on its hands…..

There’s a lot of uncertainty these days. So here’s a comforting thought: The United States of America will not run out of cheese or meat anytime soon.

US dairy producers now have a 1.39 billion-pound surplus of cheese, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture. As the Washington Post has noted, that’s the largest domestic reserve of cheddar, Swiss, American, and other cheese varieties on record.

It means there’s enough excess cheese to arm each American citizen with a hefty 4.6 pounds of the crumbly, melty, salty good stuff. Why is this happening? Simply put: US dairy producers have been overproducing milk. Thanks to selective breeding, American cows are more productive than ever. And when demand for milk and dairy goes down in the summer, dairy producers store their excess milk as cheese, which has a longer shelf life in cold storage.

You read that right……2.5 billion (with a “B”) pounds of surplus meat.

What is wrong with having more of these give-a-ways from the past?

My Saturday has started with a bang…..August in the Deep South…..100+ heat and humidity at about 90% or higher…..a joy to behold …..we have another 2 maybe 3 months of heat….I cannot wait for cooler temps……I miss my days in the garden sipping wine and watching the wildlife go by… property has become an unsanctioned refuge….I have many many birds, squirrels, raccoons, and who knows at night….anyway fun to watch them all interact….

Have a good day my friends and thanx for the visits this past week…..much appreciated… well, be safe……chuq

16 thoughts on “Are You Hungry?

  1. I’m sure that the EU has similar huge surpluses. But no government today is going to give away food, as that would lower the prices and profits for their friends in the food industries.
    It’ s a comfortable 72 degrees here, with a chance of rain. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Nope they store them until the price is right and then they release for us consumers to buy and relish……pathetic way of doing things….chuq

  2. Overproduction should lead to falling prices and reduced production. That should apply to milk, meat and soybeans. Where did the supply and demand laws go?

      1. I think milk production would be somewhat inelastic. There is no on off switch on a dairy cow to make it stop producing milk and they live and produce for years. Beef production can be reduced somewhat quicker. Fields can be left unplanted but then farmers still have debt to pay down and no income. I never wanted to farm for a living.

      2. First, cow farts and burps are nasty little contributors to global warming…I’ve had my fair of cow belches in the face, let me tell ya. Yikes! Kisses are even worse. If we weren’t such heavy (pun intended) meat eaters whose meat (in the US) isn’t fed with such heavily government-subsidized crops which lead to massive supplies of meat…cow farts would be less of a problem.

        And B…while unique individuals, herds of cows are fairly consistent. The more mellow their lives, generally the more they produce…and at a better quality.

        And 4…Economic theories apply much better to theoretical discussions among its worshippers than it applies to the real world.

  3. I always question you for living in The South (Yeah, I know…a family who doesn’t love you enough to move north with you.)…But thanks to an EPA banned term the US government considers a “hoax”, avoiding crippling summer heat is now hard even in much of Canuckistan.

    But one thing you DO get in Canuckistan is a dairy system that works great for dairy farmers…Supply Management. It’s a very complicated structure. But to simplify, dairy boards estimate domestic milk consumption and issue milk production quotas to meet that demand (with a modest reserve). As such, prices farmers get for milk are good and consistently so. To protect the system from government subsidized systems, or from nations with huge surpluses, import tariffs are applied.

    It costs consumers more (like you fucking fatties need to eat MORE cheese!), but it protects farm jobs, the environment and the cattle themselves. While not mentioned in your linked stories…probably due to the power of Monsanto…BGH is a horrible thing, invented to turn cattle into mere milk the point where they break down.God knows what that shit is doing to people who drink the milk. I don’t knowingly touch non-organic American dairy.

    Things like BGH (and the entire US food system) is designed to generate oversupply. But BGH isn’t legal in Canada because we don’t need it. Our dairy farmers have a decent, predictable, income from arranging things so that supply & demand match. Farmers are only allowed to generate so much supply, so they don’t need huge herds, Franken-cows, or other tricks to make a living. This reduces overall environmental impact, increases the importance of each member of the herd and even improves quality of the product. (I can sure taste the difference)…In short, it’s a vastly superior system that all should adopt.

    If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a quota, you’re guaranteed a decent farm income. Supply Management (milk, eggs, hens & turkey) is the ONLY way family farmers can make a living. Everyone else has to have factory sized scale and/or “horseshoes up their ass” just to make it to next year.

    As such, every fucking businessman & Free Trader wants an end to the system, even if it doesn’t affect them. And as such, every single trade agreement targets Canada’s Supply Management and every single trade agreement dilutes it a little more. Free Traders absolutely hate the very concept of the people doing the work benefiting more than the parasite class does. They want everything to be reduced to a mere commodity where producers struggle to survive and speculators make fortunes. They want farmers to overproduce, drive prices down and go broke just like they are in America. It opens the field for more corporate factory-farms who make money, but only because of their massive scales…and more room for even more lucrative suburban sprawl. Cause that what this world needs more of.

    And one need only to say the words “HER abandons Wisconsin” to know why Canada’s milk supply is a HUGE reason for Trump’s assault on Canada. (and probably is at least partially behind the Canada-Saudi confabulation) Trump tariffs on Canadian steel/aluminum/etc are 100% about crippling those Canadian industries and getting Supply Management destroyed in Free Trade re-negotiations. Non-coincidentally…the two states most associated with those industries (Wisconsin & Pennsylvania) are 2 hard hit states that were narrow/key Trump victories.

    If Democrats had even half a brain…and they clearly don’t….they’d be pushing Supply Management.

    1. I endure the heat because my granddaughter is here and she is my life….DEms have never had half a brain since the election of Bubba Clinton….chuq

  4. I’d make another comment about the family not loving you enough to move for the sake of the old geezer…but that’s just too much cruelty in one day for a “one-pulse-away” dude. I really wish I was that cruel, cause l’d be winning at life by now.

    But I honestly think…that while a tough “anti-American” sale….Supply Management is not just the right policy…it’s ultimately the most likely way for Democrats to break into rural Red Territory. If it gained any traction, Wisconsin would be solid Blue again.

    Speaking of Bubba, “It’s the farm economy, stupid!” would be a great way of selling it.

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