Who is your ‘Worst Briton’?

This is a re-blog of a post my dear friend Pete did on his blog…I read a n article and sent it to him and asked if it would be interesting to see what others in the UK thought….I appreciate all his hard work on this and I look forward to the comments……chuq


I have had a request from my American blogging friend, chuq, over at https://lobotero.com/

He is a predominantly political blogger who writes a lot about the situation in the Middle East, and the current politics in America. Anti-Trump, pro-peace, and a history buff too. He served in Vietnam during that war, and has a lot of experience working in hotspots too. Prompted by an online article, he would like to know who the British readers consider to be their ‘Worst Briton’. If you are in Britain, or live elsewhere but come from here, please give that some thought, and add your own choices in the comments.

Here are some examples of my own ‘Worst Britons’, to give you an idea.

Edward VIII/ Duke of Windsor. A treasonous Nazi-loving member of the Royal Family.

Margaret Thatcher. The hideous woman who ruined this country during her time as Prime Minister.

Tony Blair…

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17 thoughts on “Who is your ‘Worst Briton’?

  1. Missed out the Rothschilds. you know me….off topic? 😉
    “The humiliating peace terms, to which Germany was subjected at Versailles, were a continuation of the policy to emasculate a major threat to Structural Elite hegemony led by banking interests and dominated by the Rothschild family ”
    ..Recommend “Nuremberg the Promised Land” Maurice Bardeche – french perspective on the kangaroo court with tortured confessions and incentivised witnesses completing the destruction of Germany http://www.freecriticalthinking.org/daily-pickings/1716-who-started-two-world-wars

      1. Here is some more…Debunking A Century of War Lies https://youtu.be/Yw0-ASR4sr8 via @YouTube
        Enjoy,if you can…all rather sick,but then thats what politicans are and their followers… Hope you are recovering well chuq.x

      2. Been a bit removed of late,apologies. Lookin’ forward to some peace,some day….keep up the good work…I’ve almost given up.Time to retire. 😉

  2. All time Best/Worst lists are hard. I certainly don’t like mixing the living and the dead. (See: necrophilia) Besides, I suspect half of the All Time Worsts are alive right now and just haven’t finished, or been caught out, yet. Murders, rapists and pedos (Jimmy Saville) are far too easy pickings and undeserving of the title. It’s the politicians and the rich who actually do FAR more damage than even Jonestown-level mass murderers.

    The Thankfully Dead

    To me, Margaret Thatcher HAS to the Worst Deceased Brit (post WW2). If she was still alive, she’d unquestionably be atop the living list. This cold blooded cunt (Ya, I did!) might be the best evidence yet for David Icke’s theories of reptilian aliens dominating the elite.

    She went to war with unions and espoused the Free Trade/Trickle Down philosophy that ruined industry & the working class. She set out to privatize everything (NHS, etc). She basically ruined all the plans Nigel’s parents had for him. (80’s music reference) And she got a whole lot of people killed in a war for islands nobody ever heard of that had more sheep than people. In contrast, she just handed over Hong Kong to China as a way of ensuring their rise and our symbolic acceptance as them being our future overlords. And she was just straight up cold & nasty about everything and wanted a world that resembled her; cold & nasty.
    “There is no such thing as society” she said. Everybody for themselves.

    When combined with Raygun, this pal of Pinochet laid out what Western Society would be from that point on…a diminishing proposition for all but those at the top. Governments would be apathetic, if not outright hostile, to the needs of their citizens. Society would be marinated in mindless consumption and increasing warfare. Too bad the IRA missed in their attempts to get her.

    The Unfortunately Living: Tony Blair is the ultimate spineless, social climbing, “Yes Man” who brown-nosed everybody he could back in private school. He completely ruined the Labour Party and picked up where Thatcher left off. He also stuck Britain’s collective nose up America’s war-mongering ass.

    FOX’s Rupert Murdoch is an Auzzie, but that might just be for tax purposes (See: below). I only ever see him in Britain. His wife is a pretty hot ninja, though.

    And I’m sure I’d nominate Boris, if only I knew more about him. He’s a scheming, untrustworthy, vengeful, asshole. That much is certain.

    My Unknown/Group Effort Listers:

    Whoever is responsible for these ghastly, glass, skyline ruiners popping up in London. They have a giant car-engine air-scoop, a Blade Runner style pyramid that looks like it’s not finished, even though it is…and giant fucking butt plug!!! Classy stuff, lads. Not only are they hideous, they’re the rotten cherry on top of a process that’s driving out The Poors from where they’ve lived for centuries. Way more effective than Jack ever was.

    Similarly, the fellators of the 1%. I’m told London has more zillionaires per acre than anywhere in the world and most of them are foreigners (Saudis & Russian mobsters -er- “oligarchs”) who just buy a mansion to live in grand style without the burden of being taxed. Even after being exposed in various “leaks” & “papers”, almost none have been taken to task for it.

      1. No, it’s The Butt Plug! And the only “chard” I want to see is the glass chard used to slash the necks of the so-called “architects” who’ve come up with this tacky fucking bullshit. Makes me wish The Blitz was still going on. For all his faults, at least Hitler would intentionally target that shit. (And I only see them on British TV shows. Imagine what I’d think if I had to see them every day!)

        They’re almost as horror-show as the Glass Blob that swallowed the Royal Ontario Museum a few years back. https://www.azuremagazine.com/article/rom-crystal-10-years-later/ I wish Daniel Libeskind was part of an installation IN Holocaust Museums..not designing them. My dad used to call him an “ego-architect”…a guy determined to draw attention exclusively to himself by shitting on basic principles of good architecture…”form follows function”, blending in with the surrounding neighbourhood & environment, designing something that doesn’t make people vomit, etc. I saw Libeskind’s ugly piece of shit in otherwise beautiful old Prague. Every local hates it. If the cops weren’t outside, I’d have taken a piss on it. (Hey, I had to go anyway!)

        He and his vile imitators essentially jerk themselves off and bukkake on the faces of every city stupid enough to let them. Unfortunately, that’s a growing number. Perfectly decent, if not historic, old buildings are destroyed to make way for hideous, supersized, glass pieces of shit that are usually totally inappropriate for the area. It’s very rare now that new buildings are better than whatever they replaced. “At least that old, leaky, rat infested, crack den had some character.”

        To make matters worse, this dreck usually requires the ejection of The Poors, either directly through eviction, or indirectly. (ie rising property values that drive up rents which empty both poorer residents and small business) Actually, I’m unaware of ANY example where a modern piece of shit has been torn down and replaced by…even just another modern piece of shit. (Well…except for that ONE complex in New York.) Hopefully, some Brit will clarify the current London situation. But this is how I see it from over here.

        …Oh, yeah and Thatcher SHOULD win hands down. We only saw the top of the iceberg over here. Cruelty in action and in policy. She was all about destruction.

      2. I see Canada has been left out to dry by the US and the UK over this Saudi thing……I figure the US would bow to the Saudis like Trump always does…..chuq

      3. Yes, a tad off topic (Hint: Make it a topic.) but…

        I came a little late to this party, but this whole crazy thing went from 0 to “There can only be one” in a 5 minutes. From what I hear, it all started in The Twit Zone..where all “good things” like this start….a place nobody with anything at all to lose should ever go….never mind a politician. It also makes me VERY suspicious of what’s really going on here.

        I really smell something fishy in this and look forward to your coverage of it.

  3. I think Sedate Me pretty much nailed Thatcher. 🙂
    I actually liked The Gherkin (butt plug) when I lived in London. (Still do) The Shard went up after I left, and does appear to be unfinished, I agree. It was designed by an Italian, Renzo Piano. I couldn’t see Italy letting him put something like that close to The Colosseum in Rome, that’s for sure.
    Almost 100 views of the post on my blog so far, but sadly not a lot of comments. MT seems to be the hands-down winner. So horrible, she made us forget earlier historical characters.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. When I was in London and Europe many years ago I enjoyed all the old buildings that had been saved…here we tear them down and look what has replaced them….crap! chuq

    2. “I think Sedate Me pretty much nailed Thatcher.”

      Nailed Thatcher??? There’s a mental image that will keep me awake all night. Can I nail one of her Cabinet Minister’s daughters instead? Nigella Lawson, perhaps?

      I was in Britain a couple times in the 80’s and saw the miner-strikes on the news. I was just a little twerp and had no idea what was happening. I just saw cops beating the fuck out of people en masse. I get the impression that happened often there in the 80’s.

      The more I learn about what went on back then, the more I hate Thatcher. Those must have been truly, truly, dark days.

      1. ‘Nailed’ is a very North American expression, in that context. 🙂 I was heavily involved in the Ambulance Unions at the time, and we supported the miners as best we could. From late 1989-90, all the ambulance services were on strike too. We did almost 7 months striking with no pay, during a hard winter. That’s the sort of thing that breeds real hatred.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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