How About Facebook?

Ever sine I have been writing a blog (a total of 12 years) visitors would comment and send me a link to a Facebook post….I would thank them for the link but tell them that I was not on Facebook for I did not trust them to keep my info secure…

Looks like my fears were well founded…..

Facebook is reeling from a series of revelations about private user data being leaked to Cambridge Analytica, a shadowy political consulting firm that did work for the Donald Trump campaign.

Last Friday, reporters from The New York Times and The Observer of London told Facebook that Cambridge had retained copies of private data for about 50 million Facebook users. Facebook says Cambridge promised in 2015 that the data would be deleted. Facebook responded to the new revelations by banning Cambridge and several of its associates from Facebook.

Recently I was told that this breech was no big deal….apparently the markets do not agree…..

Facebook shares fell nearly 7 percent Monday amid controversy over how Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by President Trump’s 2016 campaign, was able to harvest personal data from more than 50 million Facebook users.

The 6.8 percent drop lopped nearly $40 billion off Facebook’s market value.

Equity analysts with Raymond James said in a report to clients that “continued concerns over Russian targeting and data misuse are clearly weighing on the shares.”

Facebook says it initially gave out the data to a researcher who claimed it would be used only for academic purposes. Facebook claims the researcher then “lied to us” and passed the content onto Cambridge Analytica. That firm then used the data to build “psychographic profiles” about voters.

Investors are worried about the fallout for Facebook from prosecutors, regulators, and advertisers.

I realize that followers on Facebook add to the number of total followers for the blog….but my security is more important than the number of followers to feed my ego.

Security measures are important to all us bloggers only some of us are a bit sharper than others.  I can state that none of my info was compromised by Facebook….can you?


22 thoughts on “How About Facebook?

  1. I have never had a Facebook account, and never will. I have seen people lose jobs because of what they posted, relationships and marriages ruined by careless posting or photos, and too many people just using it for mindless gossip and bitchy remarks. The information harvesting was always eventually going to come out, and is probably just the tip of a very large iceberg.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Anybody who does anything under their real name on the Webpipes, (Loserbook in particular) is a complete FUCKTARD!!!

      While “free time” was once sacrosanct…It’s almost standard practice now for employers to peruse employee’s Internet presence. Because apparently in 2018, they OWN you like the Human Resource you are. Of course, negative outcomes are reserved only for employees already unpopular with management. Zero tolerance…for the people we don’t like. Plenty of tolerance for the ones we do.

      But it’s probably even more common to do that with job applicants. Given the level of cultural tribalism in today’s society, even the smallest of “crimes” can get your resume bumped from 1st place to 21st place. Trivial shit suddenly matters. Even that argument you had 5 years ago with Cousin Earl over posting an old “bath picture” of your kid sister can cost you. Such is the level of judgment.

      In Canuckistan, cheering for the “wrong” hockey team can keep you jobless. I’ve actually seen this done in person. A Loserbook user declaring their undying love of the (locally hated) Montreal Canadiens lost the “tiebreaker” to an applicant who came to the interview with a Leafs toque…And unless the Habs fan magically guessed why they didn’t get the job…they probably live in a cardboard box by now. (Note: I actually changed the team names, so as not to give my location away.)

      It’s ludicrous, but this really is how many hiring decisions are made these days.

  2. Interesting post.

    I think having another way to communicate with the people you know, particularly those that are far away from you physically, is a good thing. Don’t underestimate the improvement in the lives of millions of people because they have more connections to others through facebook. I personally know many examples like that.

    That having been said, facebook clearly has too much power and control, and needs to be reined in.

    A few years ago, I wrote an article on WordPress suggesting that facebook should, like the monopoly phone companies years ago, be changed into a common carrier, with no right to sell advertising. They would be a regulated platform, and others would offer social media services on their platform. That kind of approach would introduce competition, and users could choose the social media providers that protected their data.

    I agree that facebook has problems. What I am concerned with is that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    1. If you have Facebook then you have internet and e-mail….there is no need for FB…..I like your idea but I am afraid that it will not be workable…too much cash involved….My Space use to be thought of as a way to interact with famly and friends…..thanx for your visit and comment…..I appreciate your input….chuq

      1. Exactly! Email still works for family and friends. I heard horrible things about Facebook before I came to the internet and subsequently opened my blog in 2012. In 2013, I gave serious thought about opening a Facebook account for my blog, but opted for Twitter instead.

    2. All those demonic babies need to be drowned in that bathwater…and then doused with gasoline and burned at the stake!

      As far as I can tell, there ain’t nothing on Loserbook (or any of these sites) that I wasn’t doing on the Web-pipes in the early 90’s…for free…without my data being “harvested”…without being exposed to Fake News posing as real news…or even with ads shoved down my throat, let alone ones targeting my algorithmic determined “personal vulnerabilities”.

      Shit, what did people do before? Half the folks here are old enough to have carved messages in stone tablets. Yet somehow, nobody can remember how a REAL phone works. Letters? Post cards??? (All FAR more private options, by the way.)

  3. Facebook was first built to allow its members to find lost friends and loved ones and/or make new ones. It has grown so much more than that now. In the beginning it was best to be as accurate as possible with personal information to allow your past friends to find you.
    But now, I skewer my information, it’s far from perfect, but it helps. My personal information, is partly made up.
    Even so, last year I was on fb less than 5 months, my “vacation” ran over. That also helps…

    Facebook is dying, and I’m okay with that.

  4. None of my data was “harvested” because I don’t use Loserbook (Idiotgram, Snatch-chat, nor do I enter The Twit Zone). And I NEVER will. As I always say… “For every minute you’re on Loserbook, you’re a bigger loser than when you logged on.”

    I got better, more productive, things to do in my life than go on Loserbook…like…counting the blades of grass on my front lawn, timing how long it takes an icecube to melt in a glass of whisky. Teaching my dogs to say “Barrack Obama”. Hell, I might even reads me onna them there papery things with words & such on ’em.

    When the fuck are people going to figure out that you don’t get to be a douchebag gajillionaire like Zuckerhead by giving away your product for free!!! These are private companies making ENORMOUS profits (while providing minimal jobs) by collecting & selling information on their addicts. Like any good dealer, they give away free samples to get the suckers hooked. Once hooked, they use every piece of dirt they got on you to control/profit off you. Just like the Russians trolls they knowingly enabled.

    YOU ARE THE PRODUCT THEY ARE SELLING! For some reason, people put unbelievable amounts of personal Information they might not even share with (small “f”) friends & family on Loserbook-owned servers. And they do it for free! Loserbook can basically do whatever the fuck they want with it because it’s theirs. Anybody read the Terms & Conditions “Contract” first? HELL NO!!! Cause you wouldn’t click “Yes” if you did.

    “Oh but I like using it and how it makes me feel.” Have another suck on the crack pipe, losers!

      1. Not in this case…Although, if people you know are on Loserbook and post photos & shit about you without your permission….as damn near every one of these fuckers feel entitled to do…you can might get caught up in the next one. Just the very profit model itself is insidious.

        Or there’s another dude with your real name…Shared names are good enough to get your tortured these days. What a world!

  5. Good. In this day & age, you can’t be “paranoid” enough. Imagine where you’d be if Nixon had this shit?

  6. i’ve been reporting on Facebook’s bullcrap for nearly 2 years now… I’ve had my account on lockdown for a while now but these latest revelations cause me to contemplate leaving.

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