This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Back in the 1980’s I recall a commercial about Reagan’s War on Drugs….it was a frying pan with an over easy egg cooking with sound…..”This is you brain on drugs”……all this ad did was increase the profits of the Waffle House….it was a worthless waste of air time for it did NOTHING to curb the abuse of drugs…..

Well I bring up this bit of nostalgia because our well informed president has weighed in on the newest war on drugs…..this time it will be zeroing in on the opioid crisis this country is facing……..

The White House has rolled out the “more nuanced” response to the opioid crisis it promised after President Trump talked about executing drug dealers earlier this month. The revised plan White House officials discussed Sunday still involves the death penalty, but officials say they don’t plan to make trafficking in fentanyl a capital crime, let alone launch a Rodrigo Duterte-style bloodbath. Instead, the administration says it will seek capital punishment for drug traffickers where appropriate under existing federal law, the Washington Post reports. Federal law allows the death penalty in four kinds of drug-related crime, all of which also involve murder, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Andrew Bremberg, Trump’s domestic policy director, says the president also wants Congress to pass legislation lowering the minimum amount of fentanyl and other strong opioids needed to trigger mandatory sentences for dealers, the AP reports. The administration says it also has a plan to reduce opioid prescriptions by one-third by 2021. “The opioid crisis is viewed by us at the White House as a nonpartisan problem searching for bipartisan solutions,” adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters, per Politico. Trump is expected to discuss the plan on a Monday visit to New Hampshire, one of the states hardest-hit by the crisis that he has declared a national public health emergency.

Trump’s speech on the crisis was something to behold……he even mentioned the making of bad ads like the frying pan of days gone by………

In a speech officially unveiling his administration’s plan to combat the nation’s ongoing opioid epidemic, President Donald Trump on Monday saod he would fight the crisis with “toughness”, the creation of “very…very…bad commercials” aimed at children; and—as expected—proposed that the death penalty be applied to drug dealers.

However, as drug policy reform advocates feared, he showed little understanding of the origins of the crisis and neglected to mention numerous measures public health experts have advocated for to stop the deadly epidemic.

A key tenet of Trump’s plan to combat the crisis, which killed nearly 64,000 Americans in 2016, is to launch an advertising campaign showing the effects of opioid use.

Trump’s plan is more about some sort of vengeance than solutions to the crisis…..

Vengeance is not a public health policy. But it’s implicit in a policy measure coming out of the White House, which would attempt to solve the opioid crisis with a plan that includes sentencing some high-intensity traffickers to death. It may feel good, and for some segment of the population, vengeance may even look good.

The death of those deemed to be problematic is how some strongmen leaders that President Donald Trump has embraced keep their hold on power — such as Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte, who is following through on his pledge to kill every drug dealer he can find. But adding to the number of lives lost at the hands of the opioid crisis is not what the United States needs.
This whole policy thing smells like an utter failure…..kinda like the failure from the 1980’s.

16 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain On Drugs

  1. First a reclassification on the “drugs” is needed.
    When my 25 year old daughter died here at home in 2017 from a heroin/fentanyl overdose, she had just returned (the previous month) from New Hampshire…surely a coincidence… hardly.
    True enough, the war on drugs (with or without the egg commercial of the 80’s, was a joke, but then the drugs of those days was nothing compared to today.
    I think a death sentence for drug dealers would be beneficial, I mean I would attend a public hanging or two, if it would bring my daughter back. It serves nothing to lock them away behind bars, serves nothing but “the system”

    1. I can understand your feeling have lost a family member many years ago…however I think the death penalty will be challenged on Constitutional grounds….chuq

      1. I agree but you will face conservatives hard core Constitutionalism…..a sad thing for they are afraid if the document is reformed it will somehow involve their cash cow….the NRA….chuq

    2. A couple years back, a construction worker smoked a fentanyl patch right in my fucking house…while I was home!!!

      He asked for some aluminum foil. Given what he was working on, that wasn’t too weird. What was weird was coming into the bedroom an hour later and finding his passed out body lying on the floor. Oddly enough, he was actually doing really good work up until that point.

  2. Too much money in drugs for the problem to ever get solved. No doubt the CIA are still funding their black ops by drug dealing too. A nation of drug-users is easier to control, let’s not forget that. All the talk of war on drugs is just window-dressing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I always worry that so much attention to the opioid crisis is going to end up in a situation where some cancer patient who is being eaten alive from the inside out and who spends each 24-hour day in unimaginable agony will not be able to get any relief for his or her pain because doctors will become afraid to prescribe what is needed and what is effective.

      1. Me too! I have already been told to take Ibuprofin for my sciatica and arthritis — and gout. Ibuprofin is useless.

      2. Time for a little patient advocacy and activism is you ask me — before it spins out of control and becomes a nightmare.

  4. You likely don’t watch James Corden late at night.. but just a couple days ago he did a spoof of just that commercial as it relates to Trump’s supposed policy.

    You know what I do to try and relieve some political stress, chuq.. I DVR all four late night talk shows.. Fallon, Corden, Seth, and Colbert and I just watch their opening monologues.. all the talk show guys dislike Trump and the jokes are great.. especially Seth Meyers and Colbert… great stuff. Just FYI.

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