Closing Thought–07Mar18

You know this administration is well worth the entertainment they provide… would be extremely humorous if it were not a bit pathetic…….

Trump seems to think in his delusional haze that people are standing in line to work for his admin…….

President Trump on Tuesday dismissed reports of chaos inside his administration amid recent White House departures, claiming that his administration has a wealth of applicants for key positions.

During a joint press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the president told reporters that “everybody” wants to work in his White House.

“The White House has tremendous energy, it has tremendous spirit. It is a great place to be working. Many, many people want every single job,” Trump said of his administration and its frequent turnover. “Believe me, everybody wants to work in the White House. They all want a piece of that Oval Office, they all want a piece of the West Wing.”

“So many people want to come in. I have a choice of anybody,” Trump continued. “I could take any position in the White House and I’ll have a choice of the 10 top people having to do with that position, everybody wants to be there.”

Events tell a different story……30+ resignations in 13 months does not sound like people are dying to work in the Trump admin…..

My day is done…..time for some Thai food and a beer….keep smiling and I will be back with more stuff……chuq


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Mar18

  1. However, it seems only POTUS is able to correct some things inside the EU. Germany’s domination of the EU – now over 10 years – is not good. Here only 3% of the citizens (the richest ones) try to make the world go round, and poverty increases daily.

    1. THe US also has rich getting richer thanx to the new tax cuts and the poor getting more poverty….capitalism at its best…..have a good evening …..chuq

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