Obvious Explanations Are The Best

Many people both Left and Right have been wondering just what Trump has done to keep so many supporters even after he has been caught lying to them and breaking promises left and right…..

I read a story that helps to explain this phenomena……..

It’s incomprehensible to many of us that people could support a president who, in Bernie Sanders’ words, “is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaire class, who is anti-science, and who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, our nation of origin, our religion, our gender, or our sexual orientation.”

Based on various trusted sources and a dab of cognitive science, it’s fair to conclude that there are three main reasons for this unlikely phenomenon.


Personally, after knowing a few of the Trump supporters I find Number 3 the most accurate…..they cannot accept they were wrong and will spend energy making excuses for whatever it is that Trump continues to do or say….they cannot admit that they were wrong!

It is that easy!


11 thoughts on “Obvious Explanations Are The Best

  1. And those 3 reasons are why I still give Trump a 60-40 chance of getting re-elected, especially since the Democrats are…well…Democrats….They’re run by spineless fuck-tards who are even stupider than the Squidbillies they mock.

  2. He keeps his supporters because they see that he is doing what is best for America and that the rest are all blinded by their mindless hatred of him.

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