Should You Avoid Yoga?

It is Sunday and what better time to post something religious?  How about Yoga for an example?

There are some Yoga Nazis next to where my daughter works…..they are forever bitching about the foul odor when I cook on the grill for the office… to be a dick I cooked a lot.

I think most are pretentious dicks…..there is some religious types that think it is anti-Christian to practice Yoga…..but I think these days it is a silly notion.

A Daily Wire writer caused a Twitter firestorm Thursday after comparing yoga to occult rituals like Ouija boards. Matt Walsh, who writes from the perspective of the religious right, garnered widespread attention after sharing his dismay that Christians indulge in “Hindu worship” like yoga.

In reality there are not many that know yoga is a religious practice….they see it as some sort of effective exercise…..besides who listen to these dorks after all they support pedophiles, rapists, abusers and the like…..

Time to relax and get ready for another week of bitching about memos, immigrants and Russia…..I can hardly wait…..chuq

Archeology Today

My Sunday begins the taste of wine is amazing after having to lay off the grape for 4 months… is the simple things in life, right?

I am a member of “Global Explorer” it is a program where us mere mortals help archeologist find historic sites by review satellite photos….so needless to say I enjoy archeology….and that brings me to the meat of today’s post……

First let’s go to the sands of Egypt…….

Archaeologists in Egypt say they have discovered a 4,400-year-old tomb near the pyramids outside Cairo.

Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced the discovery on Saturday and said the tomb likely belonged to a high-ranking official known as Hetpet during the 5th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

The tomb includes wall paintings depicting Hetpet observing different hunting and fishing scenes.

Mostafa Al-Waziri, leader of the archaeological mission, says the scenes depict a monkey – at the time commonly kept as domestic animals – reaping fruit and another dancing before an orchestra.

He believes Hetpet, a woman thought to be close to ancient Egyptian royals, had another tomb in Giza’s western necropolis, which is home to the tombs of top officials of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

Most America is familiar with the Maya if for no other reason than the prediction of the end of the world from a couple of years ago…..thanx to satellites and a science known as LiDAR…….

Only a handful of ancient Mayan temples rise above a dense jungle of trees in Guatemala. But what’s obscured by the thick foliage, revealed for the first time, is evidence of a sprawling civilization to rival ancient Greece or China. Using LiDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging), which measures wavelengths from laser pulses aimed at the ground, scientists digitally removed the jungle to reveal more than 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures like palaces, fortifications, farms, irrigation systems, and raised highways connecting nearly all ancient cities across 800 square miles in northern Guatemala, report Live Science and National Geographic. “We’ll need 100 years to go through all [the data] and really understand what we’re seeing,” says researcher Francisco Estrada-Belli. But already it’s apparent that the civilization has been “grossly underestimated,” says archaeologist Thomas Garrison.

The new data show a civilization twice the size of medieval England at its peak 1,200 years ago. And though population estimates previously hovered around 5 million, expansive irrigation and terracing systems and wide highways indicate there might’ve been “10 to 15 million people there—including many living in low-lying, swampy areas that many of us had thought uninhabitable,” Estrada-Belli says. Walls, fortresses, and ramparts also suggest war was “large-scale and systematic” and “endured over many years” not just “toward the end of the civilization,” says Garrison. One of the coolest discoveries, however, was a 100-foot pyramid in the heart of the city of Tikal, which was previously assumed to be a small mountain, reports Reuters. More discoveries are likely to be made as scientists plan to map 5,000 square miles of Guatemala’s lowlands during the ongoing project. (The Maya parried one collapse before the fatal blow.)

Some really cool stuff……I will be getting on the site to search the Middle East for undiscovered sites…..Southern Algeria will be my first stop.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will return Monday with lots more stuff……chuq