Closing Thought–08Feb18

After many decades of social activism there is one problem that could have been eliminated but there was never any seriousness to do so…..poverty.

And the poverty that irks me the most is child poverty……and the fact that it still exist is indefensible…..

The Trump administration’s proposals on the annual budget, the efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and restructuring of the tax system all point to a sad and even tragic conclusion. The poor will be poorer, dilapidated towns will continue to crumble, and crime will rise; but worst of all, our underprivileged children will be weaker, suffering from a lack of medical care and malnutrition with little or no prospect for better and brighter tomorrows.

The state of poverty in the United States, particularly among children, is abhorrent and scandalous, putting America, the richest and most powerful country in the world, in a shameful light. Successive American administrations are guilty of outrageous negligence toward poor children and have inflicted incalculable damage to millions who continue to suffer, causing a tremendous loss of human resources and productivity to the country.

I wish that I could have help end child poverty but all my hard work did little……sad to say that all everyone’s hard work has done little to eliminate the scourge of poverty.

Bye now…..until tomorrow……be safe, be well…..chuq

The Father Of Treachery

We begin a new year…2018 A.D.

Let’s talk about one of our founding fathers…Thomas Paine probably the most important person during the Revolution.  This man helped Americans envision an independent country and after the war started what was his writings that kept the whole Revolution intact with his pamphlet The American Crisis….the population once again embraced the notion of independence.

Sadly too many Americans only knows him because of Commonsense….there is so much more to the man like his pamphlet The Rights of Man which got Paine in lots of trouble.

After US won its fight with England Paine then took his confrontational style to France which was experiencing a revolution of their own.

During the Reign of Terror Paine was imprisoned awaiting a head chop…..he then appealed to his old friend George Washington to help him out of the situation he found himself……

On December 28, 1793, at the height of the Reign of Terror in France, Paris police rousted Thomas Paine in the cold hours before dawn, arrested him as a “foreign conspirator” and locked him in a wet, 10-by-8-foot cellar in Luxembourg Prison. The only light came from cracks in a boarded-up window. Paine was sure the guillotine awaited him.

Citizen Thomas Paine, whose pamphlet Common Sense helped ignite the American Revolution, was an enthusiastic early supporter of the French Revolution. He received a hero’s welcome when he arrived in Paris in 1792 and was even granted honorary French citizenship and a seat in the National Convention, the body charged with writing a constitution for the new republic. But Paine angered Maximilien Robespierre and other Jacobin extremists when he urged the Convention to spare the life of the deposed French king, Louis XVI. Instead, Jacobins brandished the king’s severed head in front of a cheering crowd. Then they proceeded to round up thousands of suspected counterrevolutionaries who, Paine observed, fell “as fast as the guillotine could cut their heads off.” Now they’d come for him, too.

The father of our country turned is back on a revolutionary icon……so typical of those that run the this country….then and now……once they get what they want (make no mistake Washington wanted everything that happened to him) then the country and its people mean little.

North Korea In The News

NK is making news because of their participation in the Winter Olympics this month…..but there is other aspects that have gone under-reported….

For awhile we were told that their missiles would be coming down Main Street very soon…..but then we were told that we had a state of the art missile defense system that would safeguard the homeland…..maybe not so much….

US officials have confirmed that a test of the advanced SM-3 Block IIA missile defense system in Hawaii on Wednesday has failed, proving unable to intercept test intermediate-range missiles out of the air.

The second straight failure of the system is particularly embarrassing as the US has been working hard to try to sell more such defensive systems abroad. That’s a tough sell for costly systems that have proven little success.

Even the success rate of such tests by the Pentagon is misleadingly high, as the interceptors are given all flight data on the targeted missiles, something they wouldn’t have in a real-life situation, making a square interception much harder.

Then there are those ICBMs from NK that Trump has said will bring death and destruction to the US….well maybe not so much right now…..

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Paul Selva echoed Defense Secretary James Mattis’ attempts to downplay North Korea’s ability to strike US sites with their ICBMs, saying that North Korea hasn’t directly demonstrated every single component of a functional ICBM, and thus the US can’t conclude that they necessarily have one.

This is true, of course, as North Korea hasn’t physically targeted anyplace with a nuclear warhead, which means we don’t know for sure they could reliably hit such a target, nor that the warhead would necessarily survive reentry.

Selva expressed confidence that the US can destroy “most” of North Korea’s infrastructure in a preemptive attack, though that clearly is distinct from “all,” and North Korea’s ability to retaliate against a US attack remains very much a substantial risk. Efforts by officials to downplay North Korea’s capabilities have been raising concerns the US is continuing to plot such an attack.

As usual most everything Trump has said is bullshit!  I am not saying that NK will never have the capability just that not right now….spreading fear does not solve a problem….something Trump would understand if had some foreign policy chops…..but he sold water and steaks and not very successfully.