Closing Thought–21Feb18

What is the first rule of fight club?  Surely you have seen this “dude” flick.

In the last couple of years the rise in alt-Right Fight Clubs has been rising.

Anastasia Yankova, a Russian model-turned-mixed martial artist who has appeared in a Nike commercial, was a month away from her professional debut when she took to Instagram to post a cartoon of Adolph Hitler. In the image, Hitler is seated on a window ledge, looking down with weepy-eyes on a dreary, overcast sky. “Matches my mood,” Yankova wrote.

“Aryan sadness?” asked a commenter.

“Only the weather and the restriction of carbohydrates,” she responded with a purple devil emoji later that day, September 2, 2013.

It seems that white supremacists are more and more learning missed martial arts fighting in preparation for the coming race war…..think about that for a moment…….

A coming war……Karate and boxing against bullets……good possibility they, the alt-Right, needs to re-think their strategy.

With that piece of advise……I take my leave…..chuq

Governance By Gaslighting

Did anyone ever see the move “Gaslight”?  A mystery aboiut a guy that convinces his wife that she is losing her mind….Charles Boyer (?) and Ingrid Bergman (?)…….we have a leader, the president that is governing by gaslight.

Gaslighting is one of the most extreme, dangerous and effective forms of emotional and psychological abuse and is mostly carried out intentionally. Gaslighting is a game of mind control and intimidation that is often used by narcissists and sociopaths as a way of controlling, confusing and debilitating someone.

The whole intention of gaslighting is to decrease someone’s self-esteem and self-confidence so they are unable to function in an independent manner. The person being gaslighted will eventually become so insecure that they will fail to trust their own judgment, their intuition and find themselves unable to make decisions.

Eventually the victim will become so unsure of what reality looks like that they become completely dependent on their abuser. The abuser will appear to the victim to be the only one to have a clear grip of their mind and also of what is going on around them.

Why do I bring all this up?

My father once told me that a man who worked with him told him that his wife walked in on him in flagrante delicto with another woman and the man denied it. I said, well, what is the guy a pathological liar—you can’t deny the obvious fact. My father said he didn’t know but it somehow seemed to give the man’s wife enough to excuse, forgive, or lose herself in denial. They were still married. It was a new ontological perspective for me—a look at a nature of being that perplexed me.

Years later I learned the metaphorical expression for that sort of blatant horse puckey, gaslighting, or, Are you going to believe me or your stupid lying eyes? It was from a film with a plot that showed how a man made his wife start to believe she was crazy—she stopped trusting the facts.

All this is just sad that the American public is being played like a cheap drum…..the sooner they, the American people, realize it the sooner this country gets back on track.

Intel For Profit

I have written several posts about the privatization of war by using mercenaries…..corporations like Blackwater like to call themselves a security company but yet they supply mercenaries to fight in several countries…..soldiering for profit.

Nowadays they are also entering into the world of intel gathering taking up some of the slack of our intel agencies like NSA or CIA…….anytime there is a chance for profit I can foresee problems……

There has been an excellent look into this problem with a 3 part series on the privatization of our intel gathering……

Privatized and politicized intelligence is undermining the mission of providing unbiased information to both high-level decision makers and the American public,

Back in 1991, during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the general consensus of the intelligence community was that America needed a strong Russia. Russians bore the weight of dismantling the Soviet Union and an internally strong and stable Russia was considered the biggest stable democratic government in the hemisphere.

A strong Russia provides stability throughout the region, it was understood. Without a strong and stable Russia, the massive Russian Federation would descend into small nationalist countries. Warring nations and instability would be the norm and not the exception.

The other 2 parts of this series here…….

I agree that this has the potential of being disastrous for our intel establishment…..the leaks in the past have been perpetrated by private contractors of our intel agencies.

The more independent people employed the better the chances of catastrophic damage can be done in turn making the country less safe……

Turkey Gets Cocky

I spend my days monitoring world events so much so that I see situations that do not make the nightly news.  I have been keeping an eye on Turkey because this country is doing some interesting things.

Since total breakdown of the caliphate Turkey has been flexing its muscle….first ir was the attack on the Kurds in Syria and Northern Iraq then tanks and men crossed the Syrian border to take the conflict to the Kurds directly.

Since Turkey is a NATO member and the USA needs them as an ally in the region we have stood around with our hands in our pockets letting Turkey run rampant.

But after about a month Turkey is getting cocky and pushing their luck……..they have warned the US not to get involved and now a warning has been sent to Damascus…….

A day after Kurdish officials announced a deal which would see the Syrian Army sending reinforcements into the Afrin District to help them resist a Turkish invasion, Kurdish YPG officials are now denying that any deal was made at all, while Turkey is threatening a “confrontation” if Syria dares to resist the invasion.

Turkish officials say they are fully prepared to fight the Syrian military fight alongside the war against the Kurds, with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warning that nothing can stop Turkish soldiers.


Seriously?  Turkey invades another country and then warns them NOT to come to the aid and protection of its people…..damn let sound let taking lessons from Israel.

Turkey and Israel signed a deal on Tuesday to restore ties after a six-year rift, formalizing an agreement which U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said sent a “hopeful signal” for regional stability.

The accord was a rare rapprochement in the divided Middle East, driven by the prospect of lucrative Mediterranean gas deals as well as mutual fears over growing security risks

(NBC News)

Let’s step back in time for a minute……

In the past Greece and Turkey have fought a couple wars….most notably in 1897 and 1921 and they have been at odds over Cyprus for decades and a couple of wars have been fought there also….

Okay why would I bring this up in this post?

Someone is chest thumping……

In an incident that took place less than two weeks after the Greek Defense Ministry announced that Turkey had violated Greek airspace 138 times in a single day, a Turkish coast guard patrol boat on February 13 rammed a Greek coast guard vessel off the shore of Imia, one of many Greek islands over which Turkey claims sovereignty.

Most of the areas within modern Greece’s current borders were under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire from the mid-15th century until the Greek War of Independence in 1821 and the establishment of the modern Greek state in 1832. The islands, however, like the rest of Greece, are legally and historically Greek, as their names indicate.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), however, and even much of the opposition seem intent on, if not obsessed with, invading and conquering these Greek islands, on the grounds that they are actually Turkish territory.

In December, for instance, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the main Turkish opposition CHP party, stated that when he wins the election in 2019, he will “invade and take over 18 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, just as former Turkish PM Bulent Ecevit invaded Cyprus in 1974.” He said that there is “no document” proving that those islands belong to Greece.

Hence the title of this post….”Turkey Gets Cocky”

Turkey may be overplaying their hand….the US is not helping diffuse this situation simply because we have NO one capable of diplomacy in the government anymore.

This situation could get ugly….and who will asked to clean up this mess militarily?