Michael Steele Gets My Vote

Most of my life I have been a hardcore radical and according to some these days then that makes me a detested Liberal….but even in my most radical times I always had time for and would debate a conservative for there were some stands that I could understand and in a different day would have embraced their beliefs.

I find the conservs these days to actually have a good strong leg to stand on when addressing the public but they cannot fight the Twitter machine…..I find their stands conserv stands and do not confuse them with the policies of Trump they are not the same…..no matter how much Trump would like to claim the conserv mantle he falls short.

This recent CPAC, the big meeting of Trumpians made a big mistake in my opinion when one of the panel members attacked former RNC chairman, Michael Steele……

Yes, that’s the spokesman for the premier conservative confab of the year lamenting that his party once hired a black man as RNC chair. Walters apologized to Steele afterward, and Steele told MSNBC on Saturday he declined to accept it. Steele later called the comments “painfully stupid.”  Can you blame him?

CPAC Communications Director Ian Walters raised eyebrows at this year’s conference after telling an audience Friday evening that former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele only got the job because he was “black.”

“We elected Mike Steele to be the RNC chair because he’s a black guy; that was the wrong thing to do,” Walters said at the event’s exclusive Ronald Reagan dinner. Many dinner attendees greeted the comments with gasps.

Steele did more to expand the GOP during his tenure than any former chairman before him…..his legislative successes were unprecedented…so to dismiss his accomplishments by saying it was because he was a black guy is just wrong and just a bit racist.

Trump is overseeing the death of a vibrant and successful GOP….the party’s roots are drying up and rotting off….


25 thoughts on “Michael Steele Gets My Vote

  1. The Republican Party of -not just 25 years ago- but just a couple years ago is too “politically correct” for the Republican party of today.

    The pace of the insanity just keeps picking up.

  2. Michael Steele is a nice guy and he has had his moment in the Sun and now his party is in disarray and the fragments are moving on.

    1. Steele did more for the GOP than most of the others….they got their majorities with his leadership….Rence oversaw the collapse of sanity….better than nice

      1. as you wish — RINOs are secret agents of the Liberals who have managed to convince a lot of people of a lot of things and have bored their way into the Republican party to sow division and dissention and dysfunction.

      2. “Steele is ancient history. No longer relevant.”

        Yeah, because history, age, nor experience has anything to be learned from.

        I think Steele’s a good deal younger than the average age here. So, off to the grave with the lot of you, you irrelevant old fossils!!! Any resistors will be “assisted” on the spot. (hehehe)

  3. Consider that the statement was both honest and accurate, if unpleasant. Also, what successes did Steele actually have since I fairly sure he wasn’t responsible for expanding the GOP. The only good I can remember him doing was giving we, the People a chance to lambast those on the Left for calling him an “Oreo” and an “Uncle Thom,” thereby solidifying the truth that Black is as Black does and what Black does is always against the benefit of the nation.

    1. He was part of the expansion of the GOP elected reps…..I do not agree that what Black does is always against the interests of the nation probably vice versa if the actions of elected officials is the indicator…..chuq

      1. He was there when it happened. That doesn’t mean he was responsible for any of it. Frankly, from what I remember reading, most of the GOP just worked around him and used him as a figurehead, something that is very common in organizations that have a overarching body but with local chapters that do most of the real work.

        As for the Blacks and what they do – By the action of the “Black Community” and how they, themselves cast out those who don’t sufficiently express a certain, anti-American, anti-White orthodoxy as being “Oreos,” “Uncle Thoms,” “Sell Outs,” and “Not Black Enough,” what Blacks (as defined by that same orthodoxy) behave in manners deliberately against the against the benefit of the nation. I merely accept their own criteria and hold them to it and accountable for it.

      2. He gets the credit that how it works….and I have worked in the so-called “Black Community” and I have seen nothing what you think is happening. chuq

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