What To Do With The Elderly?

We have a hit squad on the environment, we have the rich doing a jig because they will get richer, we have an assault on education, health care will be denied to most Americans soon….all in all a total assault on society as we know it and there is an inexcusable thing happening…..

Most of us have heard the stories of the mistreatment of the elderly in some nursing homes….and most of us think it is disgusting…..but now it appears that our Fearless leader has given nursing homes a pass on how they treat the elderly…..

A nursing home can abuse an elderly resident to the point of death and not be subject to a fine, thanks to the Trump administration.

Reacting to the demands of lobbyists, the Trump administration has struck down several regulations that have governed the nursing home industry. The New York Times reports that this now means several common citations that used to result in fines will either see reduced penalties or no penalties at all.


At every turn Trump keeps making this country into a third world nation for most of us…..this is inexcusable….the elderly deserve more respect than this president wants to give them.


6 thoughts on “What To Do With The Elderly?

  1. Poor treatment in elderly care homes is often highlighted here, with the culprits sometimes receiving prison terms for their offences. Sadly, it is usually too late for the victims by then.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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