The Future Of Justice

AS we draw closer to the end of the year the situation here in the US has gone from bad to worse.  I am not talking about society as a whole although for some this year has been long and unproductive but not for the news.

Our president and all his men have given the MSM a well spring of info to cover.  All of society is being impacted by this past election….some are making out like bandits while some are not doing so well.

But for this post I want to talk about the future of justice in this country…..not an indictment of the president’s person.

Everyone by now has heard and formed their opinion about the investigation that is all the rage right now.  We have an investigation into the actions of the president and some of his people.  Of course all seem to think there is nothing to see.

The rhetoric has picked up first they tried to discredit the lead man of the investigation and now the Trump loyalist are trying to bring the FBI down for their investigation basically the FBI and the technique of deciding guilt.

Let me stop here and inject… this point whether the president colluded or anything is of no matter.  This is about what this is doing to the FBI.

The FBI is not high on my list but they are the agency that is tasked to make sure that the rule of law prevails….after all it is a a pillar of our republic.

Trumpians is calling the FBI as partisan and ineffective and in tatters whatever that means (Trump’s observation not mine)….all these accusations are doing damage to the reputation of the FBI that will take years to repair, if ever.

What happens down the road when evidence acquired by the FBI is presented in trial?  Will this effect the views of a a judge?  How many felons could go free when the evidence is provided is questioned thanks to all the doubt brought into the courtroom?

If this hatchet job is successful then I ask….what will justice look like?


11 thoughts on “The Future Of Justice

  1. Justice,What’s that?
    I’ll let ‘god’ decide…
    My deceased mother would always say…Nothing in life is fair…
    I do not hold with the FBI,CIA, Mossad, MI5,MI6,FSB & all those bunch of loonies…I am sure life would be a lot more peaceful if we were to get rid of the lot….
    But then again…the devil makes work for idle hands.
    & a Happy Hanukkah New Year To You.. 😉
    Let the games begin..

      1. Brit politics is tepid at best…tory nuts & eu nuts..I am partial to the Irish…south of course …the north are nuts at best.. 😦

      2. Cockburn is a good writer, and Iain Duncan Smith is a blustering buffoon. Britain’s inflated view of itself as a ‘world power’ is a hangover from the old empire. The sooner this country realises it is a small nation off the coast of Europe, the better.
        As for Ireland, north and south, I am for a union of that as one country. But that won’t happen in my lifetime, and certainly not as long as the current government relies on right-wing Ulster Unionists to prop up its majority.
        Best wishes, Pete.

  2. & if I don’t make the new year syndrome …have a good one chuq…stay healthy & wise….my friend.

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