Closing Thought–22Dec17

Happy Holidays!  Or do you prefer Merry Christmas?  Why?

It is that time of the year when there will be that silly notion that there is a war on Christmas…..a story that flows around the net because Right wings are just plain moronic.

Seriously…..what does it matter if people say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  As long as people truly mean it then it matters not….that is unless you watch FOX News then you probably are foaming at the mouth about now……

How about a little history to go with your day…..(of course you knew that history lesson was lurking in my words, right?)…..

It’s the most wonderful fight of the year: the annual tussle between Christians who bravely defend “Merry Christmas” and the godless liberals who want to impose “Happy Holidays” on all of us. Or so the story goes on talk radio. But while President Trump promises to restore “Merry Christmas” to American life, those who insist on using the phrase as a sort of flag for conservative Christian culture misunderstand its history. Rather than religious, its origins are secular and commercial, even profane.

For most of its history, the Christian church regarded Christmas as a small event on its calendar not requiring much observation. Puritans in England and later the American colonies went one step further, banning the holiday altogether since they could find no biblical support for celebrating the day. As the historian Stephen Nissenbaum has explained, the Puritans imposed fines on anyone caught celebrating and designated Christmas as a working day. These strict rules were necessary since so many men and women engaged in the drunken carousing that accompanied winter solstice festivities, an ancient tradition that the church had failed to stamp out when it appropriated Dec. 25 as a Christian holiday.

Read on…….

Hope everyone has a evening and a great weekend….see ya later…..chuq


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