Once Again–More Sex

Once again it is the weekend and I needed to find something to post that did not take us back to the previous week….and I found SEX……and no it will have nothing to do with the antics of the rich and powerful……

First, it is about something I have posted on in the past…..sex love dolls…..

People say there’s no such thing as loving an inanimate object,” says James, solemnly. “I don’t necessarily think that’s true.” James is a 58-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, and the owner of four life-size dolls. Every morning he carefully gets them dressed and puts on their makeup. One day he might take them for a picnic; on another they’ll stay in and watch television. The latter involves a painstaking process where he must bend the dolls into a sitting position and adjust their eyeballs. But that’s OK, because there’s nothing James wouldn’t do for his synthetic companions, with whom he shares a bed and has sex up to four times a week.

James is among the protagonists of The Sex Robots Are Coming (30 November, 10pm, Channel 4), an investigation into the development of animatronic, AI-enabled silicone sexbots, and part of C4’s Rise of the Robots season. While James’s silicone sweethearts remain resolutely inert, change is afoot in the world of sex dolls, with a drive to make them ever more lifelike. First stop is Realbotix, the throbbing heart of the sex doll industry in San Marcos, California, where – on workstations spilling over with custom-made nipples and wobbling artificial labia – researchers are utilising new technology to persuade their dolls to smile, pout, flutter their eyelashes and tell jokes. Down in the dolls’ nether regions, heating and lubrication systems are in the early stages of development for a more “authentic” sexual experience, along with muscle spasms to simulate female orgasm. “Pubic hair is making a comeback,” offers company owner Matt, running his hand through some plastic pubes.


Digisexuality is the next thing…….there is a study….believe it or not…….

With the rise of technology, so too comes the rise of a new category of intimacy. Digisexuals, or people who primarily use technology for sexual satisfaction, could soon become more prolific in society, according to experts.

“It is safe to say the era of immersive virtual sex has arrived,” said Neil McArthur, the director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba and the author of a new scientific study on digisexuality.


Second, 2020 will be an election year here in the US and as of right now there will be a porn star running for president…..

Cherie DeVille reasons that if a reality TV personality with zero previous political experience can be voted into office, then why not her? She feels just as qualified, if not more. The physical therapist has firm opinions on immigration, education, environmental reform, and how to handle the war on drugs.

She’s also a porn star.

The 39-year-old caused a bit of a stir when she, during a press conference, announced her bid to run for President of the United States in 2020. She was joined by her running mate Coolio, the rapper of “Gangsta’s Paradise” fame; Press Secretary Alix Lynx, herself a porn star as well; and DeVille’s bodyguard, the WWE wrestler Virgil, who will serve as head of security.


Well that ends my Sturday’s posts….do hope you were entertained…..

Time for me to adjourn to the drawing room for snifter of brandy and a few snacks….TTFN…..chuq


19 thoughts on “Once Again–More Sex

  1. Its a competitive age of blogging and in which you are just superb. Keep going. Also we are the Men’s Clothing Manufacturer. Our Online Store name is Zobello. Please visit once. Thanks

  2. Yes,eventually I had to turn this programme off…the sex robots. How much can one bear to watch?
    off topic,I know,apologies but infinitely more interesting…
    i have been following this for a number of years now.
    Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn | Zero Hedge http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-27/why-mueller-really-indicting-flynn?page=1
    Superficially, this man/group/schools look acceptable but not when you consider just who they are.
    I do love rabbit holes..I have another source,filed somewhere 😦
    enjoy your weekend & thank you chuq.

      1. I reteeted one of your posts to critical think. It went missing & others too.Some are experiencing the same. I have been on antibiotics,could not get better without them. 😦 Age,perhaps? still getting over this ‘bug’ which seems to sap my energy. Good to hear you have the force! 🙂

  3. The programme you mention was rather too creepy for me. I don’t care what men do behind closed doors with those strange dolls, but I don’t really want to watch them on TV. Still, I suppose they are a step up from those awful inflatable dolls that still exist.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Yeah she is an open book so to speak….LOL She’ll be fine just quote a few Biblical verses and say the establishment is out to get her and she should be okay….worked for Trump…..chuq

  4. For decades now I have been a proponent of using applications of computer technology to satisfy sexual inclinations; call it truly mental masturbation. Think the movie “Total Recall” (the first one preferably). You sit me in a chair, put a spaghetti calandar on my head attached by wires to a computer, and totally convince my mind, graphically, physiologically, and sensory that I just had the best orgasm of my life in a fictionalized series of mental events, with whomever I wished…. that totally works for me. Now, imagine every guy on the planet being able to don such a device and do his ultimate sexual dream… and in the end actually walk away feeling convinced he just did that in real life… all the abuse toward women around the world would be stopped. Likely also would procreation of our species (more fun having the sex fantasy without the relationship complexities).
    Roy Moore could dream of some scenario involving the entire female Sophomore class of the local high school… and not break one law, nor traumatize any lives. In the meantime, when he’s not connected by the wires humanity benefits by his outstanding evangelical moral leadership. (yuk)

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