Saudis: Their Luck Holds

I have been harping on the fact that the Saudis are ass deep in the funding of terrorism……but few listen and few care….but here is a post that will help clear things up…..

Source: Saudis, Butt Covered….Period! – In Saner Thought

The US is not the only country that protects Saudi Arabia from any blow back because  of their ties to terrorism and its funding……

It appears as if the UK is pulling a US and refusing to make public a report that condemns the Saudis for their part in terrorism……

The British government has announced that it would not publish in full its report on the sources of “funding of extremism” in Britain, prompting opposition charges it was trying to protect its ally Saudi Arabia.

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Wednesday that though some “extremist organisations” were receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars, she had decided against publishing the review in full.

“This is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons,” she said in a written statement to parliament.

Source: UK refuses to publish report on ‘funding of extremism’ | UK News | Al Jazeera

It makes sense…the Saudis have all the money they need to buy all the friends they can afford…..and when you have the two biggest on the UN Security Council in your pocket then there is little hope that they will be made to pay for their actions…….

Obama would not release a report then we know that this president is a bigger wimp then Obama and now the UK is following suit…..chance of curtailing terrorist money will never happen as long as we protect the worse of the worse…..

Ain’t capitalism grand?

BTW…..we recently signed a deal to give the Saudis 16.5 billion in arms and such and it seems to have hit a snag in the Congress…so what are the Saudis to do?

They turn to another player…..Russia……

Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed an arms deal Monday valued at $3.5 billion, general director of Russian state-owned corporation Rostec Sergei Chemezov said in an interview with Tass news agency.

The deal will be finalized during King Salman’s next visit to Russia, which could take place by the end of the year, the Kommersant newspaper reported.

Russia is the world’s second largest weapons exporter with total sales exceeding $15 billion annually.

Source: Russia, Saudi Arabia Sign $3.5bn Arms Deal | World Affairs Journal

The Saudis will get their arms…….

6 thoughts on “Saudis: Their Luck Holds

    1. So has Russia….they are making up for the deal Trump gave them that is falling thru in Congress…..hedging all bets…as it were….chuq

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