Closing Thought–13Jul17

Twin Brothers From Different Mothers.

Birds of Feather….Corrupt Together……

The Trump/Netanyahu Bromance…….

Since he, Trump, came to office and the promise to move the Israeli capital there has been a bromance brewing between BiBi and the Donald…..

But recent news show that BiBi is just as under scrutiny as Trump with his corruption within the government……

Six suspects, including close associates of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been detained on allegations of bribery, tax evasion, fraud offenses and money laundering according to Haaretz.

Police questioned the six early this morning regarding the potentially fraudulent purchase of naval vessels from Germany. The proposed deal involved German company ThyssenKrupp selling Israel three submarines, worth a total of $1.5 billion.

Among the suspects is Netanyahu’s personal lawyer and cousin, David Shimron, who is accused of influencing the billion-dollar deals in favour of the German shipbuilder which he represented in Israel.

Another is Avriel Bar-Yosef, a former deputy head of the National Security Council, who was accused in 2016 of accepting bribes in exchange for promoting German interests in the development of Israel’s gas fields.

Source: 6 senior Israeli officials detained in fraud case – Middle East Monitor

Does any of that sound a bit familiar?

Common ground for a bromance.

I love this stuff!

Enough for today….my brain is done for now…it needs coffee and food….see you guys tomorrow….chuq

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