The Health Care Deliberation

This has been a debate in DC since MacArthur was a private…..Obama had some success (if you could call it that) and now the GOP is trying desperately trying to make good on their slogan of “repeal and replace” (and that is not going well at all)….

All this jockeying for position is just the game of political ownership……the best way to put an end to the BS is to adapt to a Medicare for all….and it looks like it is approaching……

Senators are back at work Monday, and their No. 1 priority remains trying to craft an alternative to ObamaCare. The problem is that Mitch McConnell’s task of getting the necessary 50 votes seems to have gotten only more difficult over the holiday break, and that’s raising a slew of stories about what happens if the GOP bill fails. Shoring up ObamaCare is one possibility, but another is the controversial idea of some kind of single-payer system. The long-shot concept, anathema to conservatives, is surfacing more and more in stories:

  • Definition: Under a single-payer system, “doctors and hospitals are mostly private entities, but are paid exclusively by the government,” explains a primer at Mother Jones. “Canada is single-payer, with each province acting as the sole source of payment to doctors and hospitals. In the US, Medicaid and traditional Medicare are single-payer.”
  • Tax hikes: Everybody would get core coverage regardless of income, job, or health status, explains Money, and people would no longer get insurance through their jobs. But paying for it would surely require new tax increases of some kind.
  • Sanders, and others: The concept is gaining traction among Democrats, reports the Hill. Bernie Sanders promises to introduce a bill when debate ends on the GOP ObamaCare alternative. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand back the concept, and in the House, a “Medicare for All” proposal by Rep. John Conyers has 113 co-sponsors. Warren, specifically, told the Wall Street Journal last month that “now it’s time for the next step, and the next step is single payer.”
  • Please, no: Putting bureaucrats in charge of health care isn’t the answer, writes Sally Pipes at Forbes. “Single-payer systems have endangered lives and reduced access to quality care everywhere they’ve been implemented,” she notes, citing “deplorable care” in Britain and Canada and arguing that if Republicans needed any incentive to make progress on their health bill, the prospect of a single-payer system should do it.
  • California: A bill to shift to a single-payer system stalled last month in the California Assembly, and the Los Angeles Times reports that a main reason is that it was “short on key policy specifics—most significantly, how to pay for it.”
  • Partisan divide: A Pew Research Center poll finds that 52% of Democrats support the single-payer idea, but the overall percentage in support drops to 33 when Republicans are added, reports CNN. For that reason, both sides seem to love talking about it, notes the story.
  • Senate GOP plan: It’s not dead yet, though the positions of conservatives and moderates within the GOP seem to have hardened in the last week, reports Politico. That makes McConnell’s quest for a compromise acceptable to enough senators exceedingly difficult.

Of course the biggest sticking point is just how will the program be funded?

The notion of a single government-run insurance plan — known as “single-payer health care” to wonks, and “Medicare-for-all” to advocates — has made an enormous comeback in progressive circles in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

Bernie Sanders made this a core issue of his stronger-than-expected primary campaign, and longstanding legislation from Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to create a single-payer system has garnered more co-sponsors than ever before. Democrats in the California State Senate mustered a two-thirds supermajority in favor of a single-payer health care system, and the New York State Assembly has done the same. Elizabeth Warren endorsed single-payer health care recently, and more senators are speaking warmly, if somewhat vaguely, about it. Sanders himself is expected to unveil legislation once the GOP’s plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act either succeed or fail.

Source: The real reason single-payer health care is hard to pay for – Vox

I have always thought that a single payer would be the best and most equitable way to health care…..nothing has changed on my thinking.


8 thoughts on “The Health Care Deliberation

  1. I whole hardheartedly support this type of system but I am not so silly as to deny that paying for it will be a female dog. How about a small slice from the military’s pie? ~~dru~~

    1. That would be good…but if everyone pays into Medicare anyway….make rich pay on all income and companies also…that would go a long way to funding the program….chuq

  2. That single government-run insurance plan, known here as The National Health, works pretty well, despite some flaws. A lot better than many systems, and still the envy of most developed countries.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Chuq, you know that MacArthur was never a private. When you are born into the Trumploditian lap of luxury, great things are expected. Also, since Daddy Mac was a general, Young Mac acted like he was the Son of God. But, since he never served with Daddy, he had himself promoted. Seriously, I do believe that Mac had the same problem–a Neurotic Narcissist–as Donald does.

    Remember how Donald used to praise Mac and Patton, as if he was channeling them. Although he was truly like Mac–fight Japan from Australia, and Korea from Tokyo–but how did “Old Blood and Guts” get into this bunch of candy-asses. George Patton really did lead from the Front!

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