Red States: GOP Strong

I live in the Deep South and for years I have been trying to explain why this region and others are so hard core GOP.

I have approached it from many different angles and as of yet I have not found a good excuse for their voting habits or their political attitudes.

Then recently I came upon an article written for the Daily Beast about this phenom…..the explanations are valid and thought provoking…..

In my neck of the woods, even two gay men in 2004 didn’t want to be Democrats. We can change this stigma—but we need to learn how to speak Republican.

You have known her for 30 years. She was in your wedding. She is smart and has a big heart. The day you realized she voted for Trump you were thunderstruck. “Who is this stranger?” you thought. Literally, your entire understanding of her crumbles. She feels your judgment and resents it. The dynamic of this relationship changes. It may evolve, but it will not be the same.

I may be able to help explain this communication and understanding gap and how to bridge it. I am a Democrat who speaks fluent Republican.

Source: Why the Republican Brand Is So Strong Where I Live

And at times it seems as if Repubs are living in some alternate political universe and it has become more likely with the election of Trump…..

A new SurveyMonkey poll shows shocking data that reveals President Donald Trump’s Republican supporters are living in a totally different reality than everyday Americans.

According to an Axios report, one-third of Republicans only get their news from Fox News and 89 percent of Republicans trust news coming from Trump before they see it on CNN.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted a video showing him literally attacking CNN and leaving it flattened. Many took issue with the graphic as journalists are increasingly being attacked and threatened.

Source: Poll Reveals Republicans Really Do Live in an Alternative Universe | Alternet

What say you?  Do our Repub brethren live in an alternative universe?

13 thoughts on “Red States: GOP Strong

  1. Alternate universe is a fair category for Republicans. But more the issue, I think, is this total bastardization of re-assigning and interpreting alternate facts. It seems in the old days one might be able to present their side of things with specific facts and those facts generally led the average debate. Oh sure, you could debate the source of your facts.. but facts were king. They proved your point.
    Nowadays facts are optional; 2+2=4 and that used to be the fact. Now 2+2=4, and so what? No one discusses or debates. The other side just dismisses facts as being YOUR facts… likely told to you by non-conservative, non-traditional sources, like that liberal mainstream press. “Your bullshit fact checking source is just part of the Clinton Foundation/Whitewater conspiracy.” Huh??

    Here’s more the scary part, chuq. There is NO candidate, even on the best of days, that I would ever worship as vehemently as these Trumpsters. His base will follow him to the ends of the earth. Sorry.. no one politician deserves that blind faith. Are they that desperate for their own dictator… oops, I mean, leader?

    1. Sorry it was sent to SPAM….

      Blind devotion is not the way we need this country to be governed….I just cannot understand this devotion at all….it flies in the face of everything they pretend to believe….chuq

      1. It went to SPAM…I apologize but sometimes some replies go there that is why I check it about every two days….chuq

  2. I live in a state where people tend to vote Republican out of habit and in the Congressional district where Tom Osborne won a seat with 83% of the voters voting for him. A conservative Republican, his victory wasn’t that amazing, but his successor, Adrian Smith, actually “squeaked by” (for the 3rd) with “only” 55% of the vote for his first term, an anomaly in a district where a dog running as a Republican could expect at least 70%+ of the vote.

    Since, Adrian Smith’s won by the more typical 77%, 70%, and 74% of the voters in each of his next run for re-election to new terms. He will serve till he dies or decides to quit. That’s the other 3rd District tradition.

    That said, as one of the rare non-Republicans in the 3rd District, I am amazed how so many otherwise intelligent people vote for something like Trump (75% of the voters) and stand by him no matter what. (He got it right: he wouldn’t lose any of his supporters even if he shot someone in Times Square!)

    The analyses you link above were helpful. I still don’t believe otherwise intelligent people fall for the Republican “values” as perceived, but I see how accurately the second link in particular evaluates how the Republican faithful view their political affiliation and voting habits.

    Where I hope the Republican Senate and House of Representatives are successful is in showing America and their faithful base how cruel their planned gutting of the ACA is and how hard it will hit the most Republican parts of the country, affecting the lives of virtually everyone now or at some point in their lives in the biggest way possible: the wallet, not to mention their access to affordable health care.

    Virtually everyone will have a pre-existing condition at some point in their lives. Virtually everyone will be in a care center at life’s end unless the crapped out Republican health care system (should they get their plan through Congress and signed by Trump) results in more untreated health issues as more premature deaths because people can’t turn “access to health care” into health care they can afford from their own resources.

    It would be the rarest of rare people so dense that they can’t see where the Republican plan will eventually result in personal pain, suffering, and potential financial ruin for them or others in their immediate family and others in their circle of friends. (Though I have no doubt the Republicans would find a way to tag the Democrats with the failure of the Republican plan…!)

    Sadly, this is where I find a little hope for the end of Trumpism and Republican domination of the US political system – by implementing it, the Republicans prove their health care plan is a smoke and mirrors effort to gut the health care system in this country to enrich the richest among us with a tax break, with their core followers and the rest of America suffering from more expensive, less accessible health care, especially in the rural areas that have the bad habit of voting Republican out of habit rather than on the basis of an informed knowledge of what the candidates’ values are, regardless of their party.

    I joke with my Republican friends about the ultimate Republican alternative to the ACA: Soylent Green. I’m sure Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would approve.

    1. Thanx for the comment….I also live in a Red state….awhile back, 2010, they voted a Dem out of office simply because he was a Dem…he had voted their desires for 12 years but because he was a Dem he was no longer good enough….he was replaced by an idiot that could find his butt with both hands…I see what you are saying and I agree….but I am afraid that people are not paying attention and that will bode badly in the next election….

      Did you know there is a real product on the market called “soylent”? They recently had a problem with there ingredient…I did not ask,….LOL

      How are the boys? Give a rub for me….chuq

      1. Chuq, little by little, we will come to “like” soylent in its many colors. This is America, so I’m sure they will dye it many colors with carcinogenic food colorings approved by a gutted FDA run by a former CEO of a chemical company that manufactured same. He/she/it, of course, will have been nominated by a Republican president of the Trump stripe, of course!

        Andy and Dougy appreciate the fine rub you sent! They are fine, naughty as usually, but in control because, well, they are the cats!

      1. Dammit. I am working on a new blog site and there’s now a problem when I make posts regarding the identities I use. I made a long reply here.. and of course that one doesn’t take for some reason. I needed to re-enter some login/password and for some reason the post didn’t take. But this stupid one liner post took. Now I’m being asked for login info each time I post.

  3. Over here, what you call ‘Red States’ are ‘Blue’ constituencies. Our political colours are the opposite to those in America. I live in a ‘Blue’ region, which is 99% Conservative. This is a place where there is a shortage of housing and school places, jobs are hard to find, and mostly paid at minimum wage. Young people cannot afford to buy their own homes, and most of the area depends on an agricultural economy. Yet they continue to vote for the status quo, and the traditional values.
    There are many reasons, but foremost is a dislike of foreigners, followed by a dislike of ‘city people’, and that feeling of isolation from the seat of power, and economic opportunity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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