To Kill A President

Disclaimer:  Please this post is in NO way about the present president….I know how some supporters are quick to jump the gun (no pun intended)…….

Let’s start our day with a little history.

After the recent shooting that involved a Congressman I got to thinking about assassination of the president…..we all know about the assassination of Lincoln by Booth and the death of JFK and the attempt on Reagan’s life even some can remember the shooting of radical presidential politician, George Wallace……there have been many plots to get rid of a president……

So as a public service I thought I would give my readers a little more info on the attempts to kill a president…..

Anyone can change the course of history. You can start a movement, run for office, or if you’re too insane for that kind of thing, buy a cheap gun and try to kill the President.

Now killing the President requires a lot of planning, but when you’re crazy, planning involves casting imaginary spells and talking to ghosts. All of which makes it even stranger that some of the craziest assassination plots ever hatched by some of the craziest people came so close to succeeding.

For instance…

Source: The 6 Most Utterly Insane Attempts to Kill a US President

There you have today’s mini course on presidential assassination…..


7 thoughts on “To Kill A President

  1. Either I misunderstood the post or the intent of the post but it is the kind of post I would rather not see published without some kind of disclaimer attached. Maybe I missed something.

    1. You did…there is a disclaimer as the first line….this is why the title may not be the meat of the post…this is about the crazies that wanted to kill a modern president….

      1. There are still plenty of that kind of crazy out there I am afraid.

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