Closing Thought–06Jul17

A Turn For The Worse?

US Congressman Scalise that was shot during a baseball practice has taken a turn for the worse and is once again in ICU…..

Lawmakers from both parties were praying for Rep. Steve Scalise Wednesday night after the congressman’s condition worsened and he was readmitted to the intensive care unit at a Washington, DC hospital. The MedStar Washington Center Hospital says the Republican, who was shot during practice for a congressional baseball game three weeks ago, was readmitted to the ICU “due to new concerns for infection” and his condition is listed as serious, Politico reports. Scalise spent nine days in intensive care after being shot in the hip during the June 14 shooting. He required several surgeries after the bullet fractured bones, injured internal organs, and caused severe bleeding.

Scalise has been hospitalized since the shooting, in which four other people were injured and gunman James Hodgkinson was fatally injured by police. Earlier this week, Rep. Phil Roe told Tennessee station WJHL that he hopes his friend will recover enough to attend the University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University football game this fall, the Washington Post reports. “He’s just out of bed. He’s not able to eat yet. But he is getting better,” Roe said.

IST would like to wish Rep. Scalise a speedy recovery and his family all the best……

My day is finished….join me tomorrow for much more stuff…..have a good day…..chuq


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Jul17

      1. I very much doubt he would mind. I am rarely in touch now, but he is still working in London for the Police. The link is pretty much in the public domain anyway, as it is accessible on the Internet.

      2. Okay thanx…I am working on how to incorporate it into a post……without sounding like a tour guide….chuq

  1. Hope he gets well soon but also wonder how the 86 people shot in Chicago over the Fourth are doing today. In the largest scheme of things, their health is as important as his but we won’t read about it here or in for-profit or not-for-profit news outlets, will we?

  2. Chicago is a hotbed of death by gun — notorious since the days of Al Capone — will probably never change — is not representative of the rest of America — might be representative of the rest of America someday if we don’t get out of the Multiculturalism and More Guns For Everybody syndrome — but as to the Congressman I believe a miracle is needed and that is what I am praying for because he did not deserve to suffer like this — nobody deserves to suffer like that —

    1. Chicago is bad but the post was intended to wish the Rep. good recovery…..all deaths are mostly wasted……and his family is worried….

      1. I am praying as I stated… I am praying for a miracle of healing —

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