Did Health Care Find A Fix?

Well Obamacare has been in the news a lot since January….House has it version of the “repeal/replace” thing….as does the Senate….neither of which has been found to be anything resembling good.

The “Mouth of the Senate”, Ted Cruz, may have hit upon a fix for the stand-off…..that’s right is said the Tea Party darling, Ted Cruz, may have hit upon a solution to the problem…..

Ted Cruz could be the one to push an ObamaCare repeal and replacement through the House and Senate, the Hill reports. A GOP aide says the Congressional Budget Office is looking at two versions of the Better Care Reconciliation Act—one of which contains an amendment by Cruz that is getting support from moderate and conservative Republicans in the House and Senate. The Cruz amendment would allow insurance providers to sell any kind of policies they wanted—as long as they also sold at least one policy that complies with ACA requirements. Those requirements include covering maternity care and mental healthcare and not charging sick people more for insurance.

Under the Cruz amendment, Americans without health risks could buy cheaper, non-comprehensive plans, while Americans with health problems could buy the more expensive, ACA-compliant plans, the New York Times reports. Government subsidies for those ACA-compliant plans would be available to people making less than $42,000 or so per year. Conservative Republicans like the plan because “it gives everybody some options,” while moderates like that it semi-preserves protections for pre-existing conditions. But experts warn such segmenting leads to expensive and volatile insurance markets. Meanwhile, as his amendment is being considered, Cruz was nearly shouted down during a Fourth of July speech by protesters upset with his healthcare efforts, the Texas Tribune reports.

What are the chances that this person has found the key to a possible compromise?

The CBO scoring may be the answer to my question.

10 thoughts on “Did Health Care Find A Fix?

  1. Your health care system makes my head spin. It would be so easy to fix it, even I could do it. But of course, it would mean nationalising the service, to make it fairer for all. I presume that most Americans would regard this as the first step to ‘Communism’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is an easy fix…..the easiest would be a “Medicare” for all……and yes we are still looking for those “pinkos” behind every tree…LOL chuq

  2. Obama is over in Poland playing President I believe. As to health care …. I do not know if a fix has been found and I am still wondering if the federal government should be in the health insurance business. I can see it for the veterans but the cost for insuring the general population is going to be staggering…. can we afford it as a nation? That’s one question. “Do we dare not afford it?” that is another pressing question and I do not have the answers and I do not believe anybody has the answers …. not yet at any rate.

      1. Yes, I agree! (If everybody indeed pays their fair share and the very wealthy do not find a way to opt out of paying but still reap the benefits.)

  3. Yeah.. I agree john.. and one more thing… get out of this Trumpian vindictiveness some GOP people have that anything done by Obama or having the Obama moniker needs to be removed from the planet as if Trumpsters were a conquering army and now they have to ravish the land of anything “Obama”, i.e. statues and images. Focus on the damn problem to solve.. in this case healthcare, and forget about “Obama” symbolism. Repeal Obamacare for the right reasons… not because it’s “Obama”.

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