Free Markets! Just Stop It!

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Free markets!  Free markets!  We hear this time and time again from our politicians especially those on the Right….we must have free markets for this country to move forward.

What poppycock! (I wanted to use a stronger word but some of my readers may have sensitivities that I may not know about)……

This term has been used so much that few know what the Hell it means….but they will vote for the loudest toad that uses it ad nauseum….

I recently had a sit down with a friend—-coffee and pastry was delightful—a conserv friend…..we started talking about trade. world trade and my friend being a good conserv started going on about the “free markets”….free markets this and free markets that……as usual I had to point out that the free markets that he so loves do not exist… the pure economic sense.

As usual these conservs know not of what the speak….once I started my friend immediately started in on the “socialism” thing….anything that does not meet with their approval is deemed “socialism”…that is a retreat of the ignorant.

First of all….what are the “Free markets”…..Where buyers and sellers can make the deals they wish to make without any interference, except by the forces of demand and supply.

The term “free market” is sometimes used as a synonym for laissez-faire capitalism. When most people discuss the “free market,” they mean an economy with unobstructed competition and only private transactions between buyers and sellers. However, a more inclusive definition should include any voluntary economic activity so long as it is not controlled by coercive central authorities.

In short there are few “free markets’ although the illegal drug trade comes closest to any….

Economic sanctions, quotas, tariffs all are regulations of sorts and go against the perceived benefits of a “Free Market”……

Our new president wants to punish countries like China for dumping steel none of that is part of a free market…..

Time to find a new term to name the economy/markets in the US…..time to stop using a term that does not define the market economy of the US…..

10 thoughts on “Free Markets! Just Stop It!

  1. Lots of similar talk here around the Brexit issue. They talk about being in a Free Trade environment, but all that means is they hope that any exports to other countries are free from additional tariffs or excessive import duty. The current administration in your country is using the threat of those as a trading tool, with China as a good example.
    Lots of meetings with the Chinese and Americans going on, supposedly about Korea. It is said that the Chinese will diffuse that situation. Perhaps if they do, the US might relax some of those tariffs on Chinese steel? That’s what ‘Free Markets’ are really about, wheeling and dealing for the benefit of the richest, and most powerful. Jobs and national economies, used as weapons in the modern age.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Exactly and yet American voters buy into the BS every election…this why economics should be a required course in our schools….may be that way we can smell the crap before we step in it……chuq

  2. The problem is that what conservatives want is not a free market but one in which they get to pick the winners and everyone else are the losers.

  3. Chuq, the term is really “Free” Markets, and it doesn’t start to kick-in until the Chosen Ones–the Zillionaires–and then, its ago get your own. The Socialism hing, on the other hand, begins to kick-in when a nomadic people transform s into a barter economy.

    And in today’s world, if you have any form of in surname–life, auto, health, casualty–you are participating in Socialism. We all pay-in, but only this with claims receive the benefits. Likewise, the Lottery. Public roads, schools and armies are but other forms of socialism.

    We opted not to personally educate our children; so, we paid for schools to do so, and we earned income. Socialism is ok, on moderation as is Conservatism, provided is similarly taken in–and with a great deal of Common Sense. There forgotten ingredient!

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