Congress Considers Banning Tourism to North Korea


There is no ban in place right now?  You mean the way that Americans keep vanishing in NK and so far it is okay to go there on a holiday?

US legislators are considering a tourism ban to North Korea. While there are many reasons not to visit the hostile country, such a restriction would be an illogical overreach in government policy.

Actually, don’t. The Kim family regime has been kidnapping American citizens and using them as leverage against the United States government—what Korean experts call “hostage diplomacy”—for years. And on the off chance you haven’t heard, earlier this month it sent University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier home with a fatal brain injury after first sentencing him to fifteen years of slave labor.

Source: Congress Considers Banning Tourism to North Korea | World Affairs Journal

Holy Crap!  How many Americans have been imprisoned in NK over the years?  And yet you can still get a visa?  Better yet, why would you want one?

First of all, what moron wakes up one morning and says “hey a trip to North Korea might be fun”?

And yet almost every year we read about an American that has gone to North Korea and then been arrested for espionage or something as lame…..and they keep coming…..exactly what is the big attraction that drives some to want to visit?

This boggles the mind that there is still a way to get a visa to visit NK…….seems like that would have been one of the first sanctions to go into place….but apparently no one thought that far ahead.

I mean…..really?


20 thoughts on “Congress Considers Banning Tourism to North Korea

  1. It’s way more than just banning tourism in NK. It’s this damn propensity that Americans have to find some stupid reason to visit trouble spots around the world that we are involved in, seemingly on some taunt some government or do a college dare or crazy “mission from God” garbage.. then the families act so shocked when their “innocent” sons and daughters are held for years, sometimes raped and/or tortured or even killed, and expect the State Department to save their asses. Even regarding the press. Their press passes are not made of kevlar. You wanna snap pics of war zones and suffering refugees in hopes of the next Pulitzer photo then you damn well will run the risk of being imprisoned yourself. It pisses me off that our government has to answer to their relatives. Sorry.. your kid made a dumb choice. Not MY problem.

    1. I totally agree…it is like these idiots that want to scale a mountain in winter and get lost or stuck and we have to worry over their safety….as you say..Not MY problem….chuq

  2. Yeah.. the proverbial unpredictable “sudden storm out of nowhere” syndrome. Uh huh.

  3. I agree, a tourism ban would be a marvelous sanction for those idiot that don’t self-sanction. Why do you go? MMS or MPS? (Misplaced Missionary Spirit or substitute Political Spirit for a true espionage experience)

  4. NK has conditioned its people to look at Americans like they’re the devil. Even non-Americans get the hairy eyeball by people and such when they got for interviews or documentaries or other business reasons (at the very least). American tourists to the NK? Why not go to the local zoo, climb over the bars or fence, walk up to a tiger and go “here kitty kitty”? At least it would be quicker.

  5. Oh, those secluded beaches, just bundle-up! And those restaurants, Wow! Rice, with more rice, bur unfortunately, the kimchi has to be rationed.

    Seriously, Kim seems unconcerned that hardly anything is coming into the country, except for food and medicine. I just wonder where the North is getting its weapons materials, and the luxury items for Kim and his cohorts.

    Russia has an 11 mile land border with Russia, as well as a small coastal border. Talk about a question worthy of our Fretful “Leader” to raise with Vladimir Putin tomorrow!

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