Closing Thought–05Jul17

“Springtime For Hitler”

Did you ever watch the Mel Brooks film “Springtime For Hitler”?  A hilarious romp through the world of Broadway production…the movie was “The Producers”.

I bring up this hilarious movie because of something a Reagan aide has to say about today’s DC……

Bruce Bartlett — former adviser and confidant to President Ronald Reagan — compared Donald Trump’s presidency to the designed-to-fail fictitious musical “Springtime for Hitler” in the Mel Brooks musical comedy “The Producers” and said that Trump’s administration thus far has been “far, far worse” than he ever imagined it would be.

In an op-ed essay for Politico magazine titled “Trump is What Happens When a Political Party Abandons Ideas,” Bartlett reminded readers that he wrote a satirical column in 2015 saying that the Republican Party should nominate Donald Trump for president so that he could “lose in a landslide” to Hillary Clinton and set the GOP on the road to principled reform and nudge it away from embracing the far-right fringe.

Source: Ex-Reagan aide compares Trump’s ascent and presidency to ‘Springtime for Hitler’

Everyone has an opinion…..

Shut it down for the day….tomorrow will bring fresh stuff….chuq

13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Jul17

  1. Chuq, that is an excellent analogy, and provided by one of St. Ronnie’s close advisors. Just consider, which of Donald I’s “trusted” advisors might provide similar satirical references, 35 years hence–Kellyanne Conway; Sean Spice, Steve Bannon, or Jared Kushner? Perhaps, Jared might have the government reformed…a la Eastman Kodak’s “Best Practices”, by then. I’d better tell my four year-old grandson to be on the lookout!

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