Repeal Of Internet Security

Less than a week ago I covered the repeal of an Obama bill that would protect users on-line history in my Closing Thought…..but in case you missed it (and most people did)……

Source: Closing Thought–24Mar17 – In Saner Thought

Now the repeal is headed for the desk of the President Trump……

A measure to repeal online privacy rules brought in under former President Barack Obama before they take effect is on its way to President Trump’s desk after the House passed it with a 215-205 vote. The measure—which passed the Senate 50-48 last week—blocks the FCC from enforcing a rule it approved in October banning internet service providers from selling and sharing users’ data without obtaining their consent. The White House issued a statement Tuesday saying Trump strongly supports the move because websites are not required to obtain the same consent, resulting in “rules that apply very different regulatory regimes based on the identity of the online actor,” Reuters reports. A look at the debate:

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of putting profits before privacy, the AP reports. “Overwhelmingly, the American people do not agree with Republicans that this information should be sold, and it certainly should not be sold without your permission,” she said. “Our broadband providers know deeply personal information about us and our families.” The AP notes that 15 Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the move.
  • The move allows ISPs to sell data such as browsing history and geolocation information. “I have a simple question: What the heck are you thinking?” Democratic Rep. Michael Capuano said during the House debate, per Ars Technica. “What is in your mind? Why would you want to give up any of your personal information to a faceless corporation for the sole purpose of them selling it? Give me one good reason why Comcast should know my mother’s medical problems.”
  • Online privacy advocates argued that ISPs should face stricter guidelines because unlike website and search engines, they have information on all the websites a user visits, meaning they will be better able to sell highly targeted ads, the Washington Post reports. “Today’s vote means that Americans will never be safe online from having their most personal details stealthily scrutinized and sold to the highest bidder,” said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy.
  • Republicans including Trump-appointed FCC chief Ajit Pai argued that a different federal agency, the Federal Trade Commission, should be in charge of regulating privacy for both websites and ISPs. The AP notes that the FTC has long been seen as having a lighter regulatory touch than the FCC. “The internet has become the amazing tool that it is because it is largely left untouched by regulation, and that shouldn’t stop now,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said.

Making America great again….one repealed law after another.

Even supporters of Trump are having a problem with this sort of betrayal…..this press is from a regular here on IST….my friend John of Ripening Wanderer fame…..even opponents can find a common ground…..

Second Thoughts About My Support For Trump: I was very quick to embrace Donald J. Trump as President of The United States because whenever he spoke I thought he was speaking some of the very though…


We Americans need to keep a vigil on our rights…we are losing them slowly but slowly…..a loss that we may never regain.

After I wrote this draft more info came to my attention…..

The country now waits for President Trump to put his signature on a bill blocking enforcement of FCC rules meant to keep internet service providers from selling and sharing user data. What people aren’t waiting to do, however: freak out about the official loss of much of their privacy online once the bill bucking the Obama-promoted regulations is signed. Vox explains what this decision will mean to the typical American internet user, while Gizmodo takes a more proactive privacy stance, discussing in depth how users can hide their browsing history from ISPs, including via a virtual private network, or VPN. More on this technology from around the web:

  • Lifehacker dives into the ins and outs of what a VPN is, the encryption technology behind it, and how it works as a “middleman between you and the internet”; further advantages and drawbacks are explored by Fortune.
  • Who’s not so sure VPNs are a sure bet to protect your digital privacy: Wired, which notes resorting to using such a system effectively puts “the burden of privacy entirely on consumers.”
  • If you do decide to spring for your own private network, don’t cheap out, TNW advises. Otherwise, you may get exceedingly sluggish service. As a matter of course, those inexpensive versions “suck.”
  • Interest in VPNs is definitely on the upswing. TorrentFreak looks at the numbers regarding web searches for the term.

We all need to work together and stop this invasion of our privacy……

What say you?


21 thoughts on “Repeal Of Internet Security

  1. I am not sure if it really matters . We are fairly well monitored by private and business enterprises and certainly government already regardless of any laws. I hope you are in good standing with God and the authorities. I do not care to have the jack boots knocking at my door for following this blog. Hmmm. They probably will not knock.

  2. I sort of agree with Carl;. between the Russians and N. Korea and “common” everyday hacking, nothing is secure on the internet anyway. Why would it even matter. Hell, up until ten years ago I was made aware that most states sold driver;s license information to list marketers as a revenue stream… and that started way before the internet. As soon as you are born.. bingo.. there starts the information stream on you that will last your entire life in digital form. You can’t avoid it.
    Which then leads me to ask a question I have asked before in different circles… what happens if we design the internet for only certain applications. For example, we all love the information contained at our fingertips.. but do we honestly need the damn power grid or even bank transactions on the net? I mean, there WAS a life before the internet.

    1. Yes, but then I would have to send letters or a telegraph/telegram to communicate here. I would not mind as I still have personalized stationary, envelops, stamps and a fountain pen. The telegraph office is not far, over by Glenford and you can always stop by Earl’s barber shop. Endless baseball talk, a poker game in the back and a snoot of whiskey if you are so inclined. We all will probably vote for Franklin Roosevelt again has we have done every four years for last six decades.

  3. We never had such privacy laws here anyway. The few we did have are being swept away under the guise of ‘fighting terror’. I have always presumed that everything online is accessible to those who really want to see it. The UK branches of all the Internet and email giants are able to access most things, because we simply agreed to the ‘terms and conditions’, when we created accounts.
    In some ways, I hope that they are reading it. I am happy to be classed as a ‘rebel’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Encryption is the name of the game now unfortunately. Plenty of services out there for the choosing that help mask what you’re doing on the Internet regardless if you have anything to hide or not. It’s the principle that matters. Just in case you were curious, here’s a list of Senators that have taken donations from the Telecom industry:

      1. I’m doing the best I can in regards to making a difference. Toomy is dead to me in Pennsylvania and I’ve got a long list of crap he’s done that isn’t in my best interest so I can support whomever runs against him.

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