Future of the All-Volunteer Force

For several decades the US has had an all volunteer military….we got there as a result of the antiwar movement….but now we are fighting wars on multiple fronts and some have even suggested bringing back the draft as a way to have best military possible.

I have written about the possibility for a new round of conscription……a little something I wrote way back in 2007…..

Source: Why No Draft? – In Saner Thought

Then a little later for my friends at Ace News Room…….

The US seems to be Hell bent on continuing war upon war……and if so then it will need to drastically change its way of think about the military…that is if they want a primo military…

Source: Time To Re-Think Conscription? | Ace News Room

I thought about my eariler posts after reading a paper on the all volunteer military…..

A new working paper by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Military, Veterans, and Society Program highlights the strategic challenges facing the nation’s All-Volunteer Force. The paper outlines an agenda for military and civilian leaders to tackle in their effort to improve military effectiveness and better support our nation’s service members and their families. This working paper is designed to inspire and solicit feedback that will be incorporated into future CNAS efforts.

The new CNAS working paper is the product of a year-long effort focused on “AVF 4.0” – the next evolution of the nation’s all-volunteer military – which included extensive research and a monthly working group on the current status and future of the AVF. CNAS researchers Phillip Carter, Katherine Kidder, Amy Schafer, and Andrew Swick authored the report, with contributions from many other CNAS staff including three successive classes of military fellows.

Source: Future of the All-Volunteer Force | RealClearDefense

I still hold the opinion that we need to re-instate the draft….as long as we are fighting multiple wars on multiple fronts we need to make everyone in this society part of the equation.

There is NO shared experience.  Americans not involved with the military care nothing about the plight of the soldier/veteran….if we must fight then the entire country should be part of the that effort.


18 thoughts on “Future of the All-Volunteer Force

  1. I agree whole heartily ! I have always advocated for a National Service program. One that every young American must serve outside their region or in the military. The military draft to be the primary source of that service.

  2. You know I’d prefer we’d get out of these wars, but as you say, if the politicians that be insist on it, then the draft should be re-instated [and their children can be drafted too.]

  3. Absolutely no argument from me. If any of you ever watched the movie “Starship Troopers”.. service means citizenship!
    Well, I wouldn’t go that far. But if we are stuck on the all-volunteer force for the moment at least kick up the ad campaign with some convincing reasons to sign up. There’s nothing out there right now.

      1. Yeah, as I referenced the “service means citizenship” thing I thought of immigrants.. I have always had a question in my own mind about non-citizens serving in the military. Placing yourself to defend a country before you become a citizen seems a bit… mercenary.

  4. I like the idea of a national service movement, like a 2 year stint or something for training (and go when called, like other nations do)–half the time the youth rah, rah, rah over the military and what the media reports, but have no clue what really goes on beyond their simulated battlefield on the computer screen. I remember watching some documentary footage of teens/young men who operated the tanks, who felt at first that the invasion of Iraq was like a video game…then the picture changed.

    And maybe if everybody’s kid was made susceptible to military service, we wouldn’t be so gung-ho as a nation to let our leaders drag us into war after war after war…knowing your kid’s life might be on the line…and it’s about time they got the idea that life isn’t a damned video game–you have to look at the real world one in a while.

  5. I am not American of course, but would generally support this too. However, I am under no illusion that the children of the rich, famous, or influential would be required to serve. They would get them out of it somehow, we all know that. So if it is only going to be the sons and daughters of the poor and underprivileged who are sent to fight, then the working-class will be the only losers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Totally agree if some draft is resurrected that it has to apply equally. The wars past are a mix of corrupted draft systems to government-sanctioned avoidance (like the Civil War). But I have to admit… during the Vietnam draft (I was number 53 in the 1971 draft, guaranteed to be called up by March of that year) I do not recall any popular voice regarding the rich getting out of it. Now, to presume it didn’t exist somewhere.. at some local draft board had been influenced to get some rich kid out of it.. is not realistic. But I do not recall any widespread complaints that the Nam draft was widely corrupt.

      1. Remember that, isn those days, the National Guard was the “get out of jail free” card. George W. Bush got uno the Texas Air National Guard, and was AE+WOL from it. Donald Trump had five deferments, four for college, and a medical one that he possibly paid for. But, his “bone spurs” didn’t hurt his tennis game.

        The Draft should have no deferments whatsoever!

  6. We need to Re-Enact the Military Draft; because, less than one one percent of America has any skin in the game. Politicians can easily send other people’s children or grandchildren Into Harm’s Way; but, only when their own offspring might be in danger, might they consider the true risks of war.

    In “War is a Racket”, 17 pages, free on-line, Lieutenant General Smedley D. Butler, USMCR. a veteran of three wars, ending in WWI, and holder of two Medals of Honor, is he author. In this booklet, he wrote that Young Men (and now Women) shed blood in War (and die), and old (business)men profit handsomely. President and General Eisenhower sid something similar, when he warned against the “Military Industrial Complex” in his farewell speech. Ike left “Congressional” out of the warning, in his Farewell Speech.

    1. Amazing I just read that booklet….and I agree…I have written many times about the draft and a shared experience…I also posted his M-IC speech I found on youtube….chuq

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