There has been a wealth of ink wasted on this Russia thing….did Russia meet with any candidates to decide the future?  Or did it not?

If you really do not know about all this wasted time and energy then get up and use the Google machine….you can learn it all….and from whatever side you want……

I am not here to join in that debate….I will do what I always do….give my readers a history lesson….or if you like a historical perspective….

You see if Trump and/or his minions met with someone from the Russia oligarchy then it is NOTHING new.  That is right…it is nothing new!

Whatever are you talking about professor?

First let’s talk about the Nixon years….and the Vietnam Peace talks….

Journalist Robert Parry, editor of, may be the most knowledgeable journalist about the GOP use of foreign policy subterfuge (some might call it treason) to successfully win the 1968 and 1980 elections. He has compiled the evidence in his latest book, “America’s Stolen Narrative.”

It is a persuasive account of the beginning of de facto stolen presidential elections by the GOP, which in turn has led to a lack of accountability for executive branch actions by the DC code of silence among the powerful. These elections (with the exception of Watergate) taught the Republicans, Parry contends, that there would be no consequences for law-breaking behavior in elections and foreign policy.

Source: How Richard Nixon Sabotaged 1968 Vietnam Peace Talks to Get Elected President

Next up is the Reagan campaign of 1980….and the Iranian hostage thing……

“A conspiracy between a presidential candidate and a hostile foreign power against an incumbent president would seem to be without precedent in American history. But if Reagan struck a successful deal with Iran and captured the presidency in 1980, it would explain why he agreed to the bizarre alliance with Iran in 1985 and 1986: He had gotten away with it before.”—B. Honegger and J. Naureckas, In These Times, July 7, 1987.

The charge has been raised, first in the Middle Eastern and European press and now in the US, that in 1980 while Jimmy Carter was frantically negotiating for an early release of American hostages in Iran, members of the Ronald Reagan campaign staff made the Ayatollah Khomeini an offer he couldn’t refuse—badly needed US arms and spare parts for his war with Iraq if he kept the US Embassy hostages in Tehran until after election day.

Source: Did Iran Delay Hostages Release To Ensure Reagan’s Election? | WRMEA

Now we come to all the hoopla about the Trump people and their alleged meetings/deals with the Russians.

Is it just me or all these incidents involving GOP candidates?  I am sure there are others and maybe even a Dem in there somewhere but these examples are the ones that readily came to mind.

Did I mention that all these examples are those of GOP candidates?  Is that a pattern or what?


10 thoughts on “Russia….Russia…..Russia!

  1. It would seem to me that the GOP mindset is that they can’t win an election without gaming it in some way to their advantage. If we’re to progress as a species, we need a new way of doing things that doesn’t pit us against others.

  2. Oh I’m sure there is a Democrat in there somewhere. Probably more than one or two and Many More Somewheres. Let he who is without sin, etc.

    It is the lying that gets me the most but I AM TIRED of hearing about it. Unless in a very narrowly defined instance of lying after the fact, wotthehell? The controversy that made Sessions recuse himself was a plus to me though. Should have always been an independent investigator.

    Just fess up and tell me what they spoke of. Doubt it was not as controversial as the lying. ~~dru~~

    1. I am old enough that expect them to lie to me…but the media makes a bigger thing out of it than it is…..if it bleeds it leads…mindset….ratings are everything….chuq

  3. “I am old enough that expect them to lie to me” With this one short line, you have placed your finger on the root of the problem… This is true of everyone who is participating in the democratic process in this country; how can anyone possibly expect the resulting events during elections to cause either surprise, or reform, when it is an expected behavior… Until there are actual consequences for lying, they’ll continue to use it as the politician’s most favored tool of manipulation of the voting public.. for they know SOME part of the public will buy the lies, and the rest will say nothing…

    GOP, Dems, doesn’t matter at all; they all lie, and expect to get away with it….

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. I still struggle to understand why anyone is at all surprised by all this. Everyone knows that such things have gone on since the beginning of written history.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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