The Walls Have Ears

I begin my day at 0100 hours…..I read and post as I finish my research.  Most days I have two posts waiting for the earlier ones I post and then I set about getting my stuff together for the rest of the day.

And this is what happens when I take the weekend off…..

Today is Monday and the big news is this wiretapping accusation by the man in the White House….our fearless leader is a paranoid tool….and what better way to try and change the conversation fro his and his boyz involvement with the Russians and than a new scandal in the making.

Before I start let me say that I do not say this NEVER happened but I am a bit suspicious at the timing of this revelation.

President Trump started his Saturday with a series of extraordinary allegations against his predecessor. In a series of early-morning tweets, Trump accused Barack Obama of having his “wires tapped” in Trump Tower during the election campaign, the Guardian reports. “Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Trump tweeted. In follow-up tweets, he claimed a court order had rejected the alleged surveillance, wondered if it was “legal for a sitting President to be ‘wire tapping’ a race for president prior to an election” and said: “How low has President Obama gone to tapp (sic) my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

“I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!” Trump said in yet another tweet. He didn’t provide any evidence or make it clear what report he was basing the accusations on, though the Hill notes that Breitbart reported Friday on radio host Mark Levin’s claim that the Obama administration used “police state” tactics to undermine Trump.

Of course the Obama team has denied all such allegations…….

A spokesperson for Barack Obama says President Trump’s accusations about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower are “simply false,” NBC News reports. “Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen,” Kevin Lewis says. The Obama camp wasn’t the only one denying the veracity of Trump’s claim, which came in a flurry of tweets Saturday morning and was presented without evidence. A senior US official says Trump didn’t speak to anyone in the government who would have knowledge of a wiretap. And a former deputy national security adviser says presidents don’t have the power to order wiretaps on citizens.

Nancy Pelosi responded to Trump’s tweets by calling him the “deflector-in-chief” and demanding an independent investigation into his alleged Russia connections, USA Today reports. According to CBS News, Howard Dean pointed out that if Trump Tower was actually wiretapped, it means a judge found probable cause of Trump being involved in something criminal. And Paul Ryan says he doesn’t believe the Obama administration was conducting surveillance on Trump. But Lindsey Graham said he was concerned about the accusations and promised “to get to the bottom of this” during a town hall meeting Saturday. In recent days, right-wing media has started accusing Obama of leading a “silent coup” to take down Trump.

This is starting to smell like a “Fire” moment that I have been waiting for…..the alt-Right has embraced this so-called incident with both hands….I expect to see the blogosphere blow up with these accusations.

But what promoted this outrage and accusations from the Prez?

So where did President Trump’s bombshell accusation that his predecessor tapped his phones come from? The White House tells the Fact Checker blog at the Washington Post that he’s relying on reports “from BBC, Heat Street, New York Times, Fox News, among others.” After an analysis, the Post finds that the two most important ones are from the right-leaning Heat Street and the BBC. (Other reports have cited an article at Breitbart News, but it relies on the Heat Street piece.) The two articles say that US intelligence officials went to the FISA court (which deals with intelligence matters) because they wanted to investigate possible activity between two banks in Russia and a computer server in Trump Tower (which, to make matters more confusing, might actually be located in Philadelphia). Excerpts:

  • Heat Street: “Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, a FISA court warrant in October, giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.”
  • BBC: It says Justice Department lawyers went to the FISA court. “Their first application, in June, was rejected outright by the judge. They returned with a more narrowly drawn order in July and were rejected again. Finally, before a new judge, the order was granted, on 15 October, three weeks before election day.”

Obama’s DNI has called this a falsehood (I would expect him to do so…so this is nothing new)……you would think that the leak atmosphere in DC these days it would a simple thing to find the FISA warrant, right?

The Fact Checker’s assessment? Even if the stories are accurate, and that hasn’t been confirmed, they do not say that President Obama was behind the request. Plus, they involve a computer server, not the tapping of phone lines. And, finally, they “do not back up the administration’s revised claim of politically motivated investigations.” As a result, Trump gets the blog’s worst rating of Four Pinocchios.

The man who was the director of national intelligence until January 20 wasted little time in shooting down President Trump’s claim that former President Obama’s administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election, reports the AP. “There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, as a candidate or against his campaign,” James Clapper told Meet the Press on Sunday, shortly after the White House demanded a congressional investigation into the issue. Clapper says he would have been aware of a “FISA court order on something like this. Absolutely, I can deny it.”

Now fearless leader is calling on Congress to get involved…..something they are good at…wasting time and money on investigations…..

The White House demanded on Sunday that Congress investigate whether former President Obama abused his executive powers in connection with the 2016 presidential election, reports the AP. President Trump leveled that claim Saturday when he accused his predecessor of tapping telephones at Trump Tower. But Trump offered no supporting evidence, a spokesman for Obama denied the claim as “simply false,” and lawmakers in both parties asked for proof. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement Sunday that reports “concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling.”

“President Donald J. Trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into Russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016,” Spicer said. It was unclear what reports Spicer was referring to, and what prompted Trump to make the allegation. Spicer ended the statement by saying that neither the White House nor Trump will comment further “until such oversight is conducted.” In a series of morning tweets Saturday, Trump suggested Obama was behind a politically motivated plot to upend his campaign. He compared the alleged events to “Nixon/Watergate” and “McCarthyism!” And he called Obama a “Bad (or sick) guy.”

Is that really a good idea, Mr. President?

This could backfire on him.

Like I have said….stranger things have happened….but this sounds like an attempt to change the tone of the news…a diversion from all the Russian noise these days.

Instead of blaming Obama maybe Trump should look to his VP….whose side is he really on?

See what happens when I step away from the keyboard?  Sorry but Pence has a look about him….I would not trust him one inch…just saying…..

News Update:  FBI Director James Comey has waded into the controversy surrounding President Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama last fall, the New York Times reports. Officials say Comey has asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s explosive claim, both because he believes it is false and because he believes it suggests the FBI was engaged in illegal behavior. The Times‘ sources say senior FBI officials are also worried that if the public believes there was a court-approved Trump wiretap, they might expect them to find solid evidence of Russian interference in last year’s election.

You just cannot make this stuff up…..this is looking more and more like reality TV…..what can we expect from a star of that genre?


39 thoughts on “The Walls Have Ears

  1. If this is so , which I doubt, it bodes badly for the Donald as I am certain if he was indeed “tapped” he was clearly under a cloud of suspicion and this was done through legal channels. He is desperate to divert the attention from the Kremlin ties linked to his white house. When are we going to hear the GOP address the real issue…their president is deranged.

    1. GOP is playing ball right now….but if it keeps up I cannot see them standing with him for too much linger….well the Tea Party d/bags will but real GOPers will abandon him as soon as they can….chuq

  2. LOL! I find this amusing, even if the implications of a complete psychopath in the WH are a bit scary. But, then, how much worse can it be, if nuclear weapons are launched? The planet is already in danger of radioactive extinction of all life, thanks to the Fukushima clusterfuck. A few dirty bombs won’t alter what is already happening, or even speed it up… the radiation continues to mount there, and nobody at all has any idea of how to get it to stop….

    SIGH… but, by all means, let’s keep talking about bullshit insanity. After all, insanity is, apparently, our only legacy to the universe….

    gigoid, the dubious

    PS. BTW, yesterday, I had my RSS feeder, which brings me summaries of all the news outlets I choose to follow, update for the day, and found not a single story addressing the latest catastrophic events taking place in Japan… NONE…. The last report I saw, a couple days ago, related how the radiation, which is described as being at ‘unimaginable’ levels, and growing, destroyed/killed two shielded robots that were sent in to try to LOCATE the burning pool of nuclear matter. The radiation is so strong, it fried all their internal circuits… They still don’t know how big it is, or what it will do next…

    But, the world, or, most of it, doesn’t seem to have a clue they are all about to die….They’d rather watch spring training, & talk trash about anything at all but what matters….

    g, td

    1. Don’t forget the rockets fired by NK at Japan….or the more troops to N. Africa….it is all too silly….it is the reality TV mind at work…these people have been so successful at dumbing the population down….chuq

    2. It’s that bell curve problem…gigoid 😦
      Brave New World….something to hand on to the kids,well, the ones that have not been indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism & we know who is behind that …don’t we?
      It is essential we dumb ’em down, sheep to the slaughter.
      Bah! or should I say baaaaaaa ?
      catch up later….
      ps another has gone down…fool of goy….bugger…my turn next 😦

      1. Aye, the bell will be our undoing, won’t it? I’ll be in touch on the side; my Skype is down. Damn thing killed itself by upgrading, & I’m having issues getting it back to work… SIGH… almost time to go off grid…

        See ya….


  3. It’s gonna get way worse before it gets better.. and the only way I even see it getting better is if that Clown has left office. There is a small hope.. he continues to fall in the polls hence those republicans thinking they have it easy sitting in Congress might not be there in two years. Another round of “throw the bums out”. After that, maybe something can be proven for impeachment. Gawd.. two years is a long way off.

  4. Trump … ever the showman …. ever the master ring master … the same Trump who confounded the ordinarily sane and composed world and pulled a fast one on them and won the presidency against all predictions and against all the odds stacked against him by his opposing campaign and their MSM lackies — This same Trump is a natural-born strategist (as proven by the fact that he has thus far swam in crap and come out smelling like lavander) — This same Trump has my every confidence for being “In control” of every situation at all times … and even if it does go against him someday I am sure he will withdraw a few million dollars from his chump change account and go on vacation totally confident in the fact that he did his best and to hell with it all. First US President with gonads in a long time

      1. Sorry don’t see…I will admit he is very clever….but I would expect him to be after all he is a billionaire…and you need cleverness to achieve that….

      2. Yes you do! I can attest to that! I have known a couple in my lifetime. All clever! All negotiators! All extremely lucky! All frightfully lonely sometimes! Most eccentric!

      3. Eccentricity can, indeed, be an indicator of genius just as much as it can be an indication of something more emotionally troubling. But.. being a genius, more often than not, means the person is lacking in certain social skills and has trouble playing with others.

      4. John: “The genius may have trouble playing with others but generally speaking the products of his genius benefit many others. So maybe the trade off is acceptable.”

        And that is also very true. Let’s hold our breath.

      5. But, John, the question is not how much he stymies and confounds his enemies (which I would assume that means the majority of people in the country, according to the polls), but rather, why his supporters are so vulnerable and clueless regarding his mental stability.

      6. Polls are totally useless because they are all biased to the agenda of whoever it is that is sponsoring them. Anybody can make a poll say anything they want it to say. I see no evidence that his supporters are questioning his mental stability but I am sure there are some Trump Hating outlets who have fabricated something to suit their image of him. There have been many presidents whose mental stability could have been questioned.
        What kind of stable mentality tries to murder half a nation with a devastating civil war for example?

  5. I am a foreigner, but I have to say that this phone-tapping stuff is undoubtedly true, as I see it. I am sure that they have all been tapped, ever since the technology has existed to enable it to be done. No surprises, surely?
    Regards, Pete.

      1. Did chuq just say Trump became a liar AFTER he became a politician? (I suppose one would have to define when was the day he “graduated” into being a politician.. or is it more, how many lies did he have to tell in order to BE a politician?)

      2. Dear Doug: Some days I admire your intellectualism more than others. Today you are clicking on all burners and this comment is pure genius and so on the point that it is incredible! Wow! I am so impressed! Thanks for sharing that! I believe the (Fill in your own blank but keep it politically correct) might have been rather skilled in the art of Strategic Hegemenous Intellectual Tactics from a very early time.

      3. Hegemenous.. I actually had to look that up, John. Nonetheless.. good retort… and thanks for your restraint in wanting to be more colorful in your reply. 🙂

  6. Ohh.. too bad the intelligence community is on Trump’s shit list or I would have had them decrypt your message, Cute.. and I did miss that. You are SO smart that it even amazes chuq. 🙂

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