Could National Security Be At Risk?

I have been teaching a course on terrorism and national security and all my research shows me that there is a minor problem brewing at this time….but without a handle on it it could become a major gap in our national security safety net.

I know there are some out there that are bad mouthing the intel people some even think they are in the middle of a subtle coup….on this I cannot agree.  These analysts are professionals and do not inject politics into their analyses (contrary to popular belief)…..lots of talk about “alternate facts” those are facts that does not massage the genitals of Trump so the threat is not real….a dangerous mindset.

I have been reading some analysis about the situation with the world and the White House……

Intelligence experts are warning that Pres. Donald Trump and his administration’s refusal to acknowledge truths that don’t align with their worldview could have serious geopolitical consequences — a situation that is made even more complicated by the “fundamental ignorance and inexperience of Trump’s inner circle.”

The Intercept spoke with current and former intelligence officials who said that the Trump administration’s habit of disregarding information that doesn’t match up with its ideology and political agenda are deeply reminiscent of the politicization of intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq under Pres. George W. Bush.

Source: Intelligence Experts: Trump’s Adherence to ‘Alternative Facts’ Could Spark Another Iraq—or Worse | Alternet

I know that there will be push back from his worshipers….but his immature temper tantrums is not the way to handle a crisis in the making……taking to Twitter to insult someone gives me NO confidence in his ability to digest intel and make the right decision.


14 thoughts on “Could National Security Be At Risk?

  1. I’m trying to find the humor in it all today, so, it took a moment before the obvious point of approach made itself obvious… from the title query, no less…

    What is amusing to me is how many fools there are in the world who have the completely idiotic belief an entire nation can be ‘secure’, at all, much less to the degree they are consistently fanatical about imagining. Making a single person ‘secure’ only comes from within… No matter how much a person who tells anyone otherwise may want it to be true, no country, or group, or religion, or anything but an individual, has ever been ‘secure’, & never will be in this universe, with the power of chaos & entropy always in play.

    Yet everyone goes rushing about, crying in fear, & imagining someone, anyone else can, or will, make them secure. To feel secure one must lose their fear of imagined terrors, which might help them to realize it’s a good idea to not allow the government to spend most of their tax money in ways that have no bearing on their possible security…. It’s all just another game to amuse those of us who have no interest in much of it anymore; sadly, those still playing the belief game, on either side, don’t even know they are chasing fantasy….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. We are in deep do-do…for there are enough douches to keep fear alive….as long as that is our course we will never be any where near “secure”….chuq

  2. I could not agree with you more. I worked in the DIA, we were dedicated to our work and to the country. This administration is the worst I have ever seen. I believe we are going down a to a major constitutional happening.

    1. I worked for Army CIC….I believe he should re-think trying to take on the intel people…not a smart move…he cannot win that….chuq

  3. I believed that this Twitter thing might stop once he took office. It doesn’t seem to be going away, and leads me to wonder if he has a ‘Twitter Team’ working around the clock to produce this stuff. They have him convinced that social media is the way to connect with people. In some respects, they are of course right in that assumption.
    Regards, Pete.

  4. If we could manage to survive under Bush then Trump will be a no-brainer. By the way, I wouldn’t tell some of those retired generals in the President’s inner circle that they don’t have much experience.

  5. I’ve known some Generals who are more than able to hold their own in strategy sessions and tactical deployments. In fact the ones who do not maintain their proficiency get passed over for promotion and if that happens twice they are outta there.

      1. I cannot argue the value of our Military’s judgment and won’t. I know there is always more to everything … but I am not going to question our Military General Staff’s ability to make judgments and good decisions.

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