How About A War To End War?

Been there…Done that….and the T-shirts are on sale at Cafe Press……

During Trump’s first speech to the joint session of Congress he made a statement that made me think of something that I could use as a historical perspective (I know how much some of you dread these times)……(damn I love history)… would think that a war that claimed 20 million lives would be more important than it is these days.

During his speech he, Trump, made a remark about our defense and/or our military….

In his first address to Congress tonight, President Trump delivered a heavily ‘America first’ speech that was light on details, and on the question of war was even lighter still, saying the US needs to prepare its military to “prevent war” with its largest budget ever.

Trump promised a “direct, robust, and meaningful engagement with the world,” saying that the US foreign policy would be based on America’s own “vital security interests,”

All that rhetoric made me think of something that happened 100 years ago…..the War to end all wars”….World War One.

This April 4th will be 100 years since the U.S. Senate voted to declare war on Germany and 50 since Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against the war on Vietnam (49 since he was killed on that speech’s first anniversary). Events are being planned to help us try to finally learn some lessons, to move beyond, not just Vietnam, but war.

That declaration of war on Germany was not for the war that makes up the single most common theme of U.S. entertainment and history. It was for the war that came before that one. This was the Great War, the war to end all wars, the war without which the conditions for the next war would not have existed.

Source: 100 years of using war to try to end all war – time to try something else?

This whole chain of thought is just demented.  Going to war to prevent war…is like screwing to preserve virginity.

As long as this type of thinking is acceptable then war will be the only option until sanity returns to the thought processes.


10 thoughts on “How About A War To End War?

  1. Okay, so we gotta prevent a war…against whom, exactly? How about we get diplomacy going strong and we can avoid war…oh, but that means things like nice words and calm, rational thought, and deal making.

    Never mind.

  2. One thing about the two world wars, there was a definite enemy. Groups of countries trying to impose their will on other nations, a chance to pick a side, and fight for something you believed in, right or wrong.
    But who is the enemy these days? Does Russia want a war? Unlikely. China? Unlikely.Even North Korea, which might be rattling sabres but could not hope to win any war without a powerful ally, is unlikely to really want war.
    Modern war is a war of one set of ideas and beliefs against another. It is no longer about one group of nations taking on another. Fighting a belief is a war that you cannot win with nuclear weapons, or troops on the ground. It is a war that will never end.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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