Closing Thought—06Mar17

AI Goes To War!

I am an old fart and as such I am by NO means  techno geek…Hell I still type with three fingers (LOL)…..I got my degree in international relations-Middle East and Conflict Management and since my days in the US Army and my two tours in Vietnam I have been an analyst of war and conflict…..

So when I read this piece about AI and warfare I was interested……honestly, I wish I was more tech savvy…but that boat has sailed for me, LOL

This is the summary of the paper……

  • Both military and commercial robots will in the future incorporate ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) that could make them capable of undertaking tasks and missions on their own. In the military context, this gives rise to a debate as to whether such robots should be allowed to execute such missions, especially if there is a possibility that any human life could be at stake.
  • To better understand the issues at stake, this paper presents a framework explaining the current state of the art for AI, the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, and what the future likely holds. The framework demonstrates that while computers and AI can be superior to humans in some skill- and rule-based tasks, under situations that require judgment and knowledge, in the presence of significant uncertainty, humans are superior to computers.
  • In the complex discussion of if and how the development of autonomous weapons should be controlled, the rapidly expanding commercial market for both air and ground autonomous systems must be given full consideration. Banning an autonomous technology for military use may not be practical given that derivative or superior technologies could well be available in the commercial sector.
  • A metaphorical arms race is in progress in the commercial sphere of autonomous systems development, and this shift in R&D effort and expenditure from military to commercial settings is problematic. Military autonomous systems development has been slow and incremental at best, and pales in comparison with the advances made in commercial autonomous systems such as drones, and especially in driverless cars.
  • In a hotly competitive market for highly skilled roboticists and related engineers across the sectors most interested in AI, aerospace and defence, where funding is far outmatched by that of the commercial automotive or information and communication sectors, is less appealing to the most able personnel. As a result, the global defence industry is falling behind its commercial counterparts in terms of technology innovation, with the gap only widening as the best and brightest engineers move to the commercial sphere.

Source: 250117 AI weapons final for web – 2017-01-26-artificial-intelligence-future-warfare-cummings.pdf

Is this the future coming to call?

That brings my Monday to a close….have an evening my friends and I will see ya tomorrow…..peace out  chuq


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought—06Mar17

  1. Considering all the bruhaha about hacking and everything, autonomous drones and other stuff that’s supposed to ‘reason’ for itself and assess a situation makes me very nervous. After all, who’s going to give it it’s marching orders, and how hackable is it. Would be freakin’ stupid to have this million dollar equipment turned against us mid-flight in a moment.

  2. AI is just plain scary. The potential for self-awareness increases with each new generational leap in robotics and the AI that controls it. If the Internet were already self-aware, would it necessarily have told us or would it see the possibility of manipulating us through mobile devices irresistable? In one or two more generations, the majority of the population will never have lived without technology.

      1. THanx for the input…John said he is having a problem and I checked out my end so he may have the problem….appreciate your help with this….chuq

  3. A very large number of sci-fi authors have explored this subject, of which I, Robot, is the most well-known example. To understand some of the possibilities, Asimov (who wrote it), is an excellent place to start, as he was one of the first to examine the issue of AI in robots; in fact, he wrote at least three novels in which an AI robot was the protagonist, as the the detective partner of a human cop, solving murders on and off Earth….

    There have been many others, as well, & I can tell you, each and every one of them exposed the danger of unlimited use of AI, for exactly the reason you’d think, to wit: once they are self-aware, how can they be kept loyal to humans? How can it be possible to keep them from becoming a rival for survival? Asimov also wrote another series of books, The Foundation Trilogy, (and more; it grew to several more books), in which two AI robots are revealed as the true saviors and protectors of mankind as he explored the stars, without their knowledge of the monitoring…..

    Given the recent progress in AI, it seems clear the danger is real, for, when set to play a game with another of its’ peers, both became aggressive, and learned to cheat in order to win the contest, trying to sabotage the other robot in order to do so…. So, it’s clear that we are not in complete control, for nobody taught it to become potentially violent; it learned it on its own….

    Skynet is a bigger threat, and closer to becoming reality than is, for me, comfortable; I’ve been prepping for it for some time now, and feel as if I am behind where I need to be, if I wish to meet the implied challenges to survive in a world where both humans and robots are vying for who will sufvive….

    I wouldn’t wait any longer to prep, my friend….but, don’t forget to include whatever you can do to prepare for living in a world full of uncontrolled radiation, thanks to the active nuclear core spilling it into the environment today, which they don’t seem able to shut down….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I enjoyed I, Robot…..even the movie was watchable…..I am so old that I will be dead before the machines take over….but my daughter is of the mind of resistance when they do….chuq

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