Closing Thought–02Feb17

Repent!  The End Of The World Is Near!

There is always someone some where that is predicting the end of the world….remember 2012?  The Maya told us that there was nothing after that….or how about when they cranked up the new collider in Switzerland….it would create a black hole that would destroy the earth….and we are still here…doing the same stupid stuff….

But the news yesterday was the most devastating and could possibly signal the end of civilization as we know it……

First, you suffered through a Christmas without whipped cream. Now, you could be facing a bacon-less Super Bowl—unless you’re willing to pay a premium for a crispy slice of heaven. As of December, there were 17.8 million pounds of frozen pork belly, which is made into bacon, in US reserves, according to the Department of Agriculture. That might seem like a lot of bacon, but it’s actually the lowest level since record-keeping began in January 1957. As the Cincinnati Enquirer puts it, “there are literally not enough little piggies going to market.”

Pig farmers are actually “producing more pigs than ever,” says Rich Deaton of the Ohio Pork Council, “yet our reserves are still depleting.” The Enquirer notes foreign buyers may be responsible; 26% of pork produced in the US is exported. Apart from being amazed that a bacon reserve exists, consumers appear terrified by the prospect of a bacon shortage. But Deaton says the “pork industry will not run out of supply.” Consumers should, however, expect to pay more for bacon at grocery stores. Prices have already spiked 20% last month. As for when we were most flush with frozen pork belly, that would be 1988, when there were 113.1 million pounds on hand

OMG!  Will the horrors never end?

Since we are talking about bacon….one of my fave sandwiches is a BLT.  But recently they have not been all that good… is the tomatoes.  They just do not have that great fresh taste that they use to have.

I remember as a kid waiting for that first tomato off my grandmothers garden…then a tomato sandwich with mayo and a little salt….NOTHING tasted better than a fresh pulled tomato….what happened?

All this GMO crap has killed the taste of tomatoes….but the “Mr. Wizards” in the lab may have solved that problem…..

It’s high time for tomatoes to taste like tomatoes again, and a group of researchers believes it knows how to make that happen, according to a study published Thursday in Science. The Smithsonian reports tomatoes found in today’s grocery stores are “nearly unrecognizable” from what tomatoes used to look and taste like. They’re up to 1,000 times larger and can last ages without rotting, but they’ve also lost their tomato-y taste. Researchers studying nearly 400 varieties of tomato discovered at least 25 chemicals and aroma compounds that combine to create what we think of as a tomato’s flavor. But they found 13 of those were “significantly reduced” in modern tomato varieties, either because growers were breeding for cheaper, bigger, longer-lasting tomatoes, or because they just weren’t paying attention.

Not only did researchers figure out the chemicals and compounds responsible for a tomato’s taste, but the 100 genes it takes to make sure they’re present, the Guardian reports. According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers believe they can use that knowledge to breed tomatoes that taste as good as they used to. And while that may not be a realistic outcome for mass-produced tomatoes—because capitalism—researcher Harry Klee believes they can still bring back some lost flavor in tomatoes that can stand up to the trip from farm to store to dinner table. He says the science can also be applied to other fruits that have lost their traditional taste, such as strawberries.

May I have an AMEN?

Peace out my friends….I see you guys tomorrow…….chuq


10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Feb17

  1. I say – AMEN! I remember the taste of a freshly picked tomato and strawberry, bring them back! [now that I think of it, remember when sharp cheddar cheese had a little bite to it and baby Swiss actually had flavor?]

  2. Having just polished off the last of my bacon, this “bacon shortage” story naturally caught my eye. Usually, my personal “bacon reserve” is 3-4 packages I keep in the freezer in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, I just got a new fridge and haven’t had the chance to re-stock. Looks like a bacon-free weekend for me. 😦

    “one of my fave sandwiches is a BLT. But recently they have not been all that good… is the tomatoes. They just do not have that great fresh taste that they use to have.”

    A few years back, I read an interview with an employee from a major tomato breeder. In it, he listed the 16 Industry Priorities of tomato breeding. Neither “Taste”, nor “Nutritional Value”, cracked the 16. In fact, he said that, in the entire time he worked there, only ONE customer expressed ANY interest in taste. The highest priorities were things like shelf life, overall durability, ease of transportation and visual attractiveness. In short, all the things you’d expect from a modern industry that doesn’t give a shit about quality and that thinks food is “just another widget” to crank out of the factory.

    I can’t even remember one of the 8-16 lowest priorities. I just remember that they were totally insignificant, even to profitability. (ie rolls without drifting to one side) Yet these instantly forgettable “priorities” kept Flavour & Nutrition off the list.

    1. I found some seeds for no GMO and they are pretty good but they are hard to grow….I am the same always have a reserve of bcon just in case….chuq

      1. Inserting a scorpion/crab gene (Was it?) into tomatoes (without even having to label it as such) has done FUCK ALL all for their taste & nutritional value (aka the entire point of eating!!!) It has, however, made me even crabbier.

        As for reserves, I NEVER shop for food the week of a Superbowl. Even in Canuckistan (a nation with its own football league), the price gouging on “football food” is ridiculous. Neither do I get booze, as it’s a total demolition derby at The Beer Store on Superbowl Weekend. This year, I’ll try to hold off until after Shrove/Pancake Tuesday to get some great deals on bacon, pancake mix and maple syrup (real maple syrup only!) My fridge will be full and so will I. Did it last year and saved almost $50.

      2. I’m with you on maple syrup nothing better….holidays are a bitch also here…everything seems to go up and I avoid shopping….chuq

  3. I stopped eating tomatoes years ago, when they just started to taste like water. I pull them out of sandwiches now, and discard them. It is not just GM interference, it is also the craze that everything must be available, at all times. So some food products are ‘forced’ to grow out of season, and in unnatural conditions. Some fruits have gone the same way too. At one time, we could look forward to eating strawberries in the summer only. Now we can buy them in December too; grown abroad, or in artificial conditions, chilled until the taste has gone, and shipped into the supermarkets with almost no shelf life left.
    High time we just got those ‘nutrition pellets’ that they used to promise we would be eating by now…
    (Remember ‘Soylent Green’?)
    Regards, Pete.

    1. I feel the same….I use to eat tomato sandwiches everyday…now only when I grow them….there is a product name “soylent’ on the market that is having a tough time…go figure…LOL chuq

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