A Step Closer To Trump TV

Recently the Trump adviser Bannon has chastised the media for their constant scrutiny….

White House strategist Steve Bannon granted the New York Times an interview this week, and the main topic appears to have been how much he hates the New York Times and the rest of the news media. “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” the former Breitbart chair said. “I want you to quote this. The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.” He said the media had gotten the election “dead wrong,” making it a “humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

Bannon—who jokingly referred to himself as Darth Vader—described unspecified editors and reporters as “outright activists of the Clinton campaign,” telling the Times: “That’s why you have no power. You were humiliated.” He staunchly defended new White House press secretary Sean Spicer, saying it was a “badge of honor” to have the media question his integrity. “The media has zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard work,” Bannon said. At CNN, Jake Tapper’s response to Bannon’s request to shut up was a simple “No,” while the ACLU tweeted that it will see the Trump administration in court if it tries to shut the media up. Erik Wemple at the Washington Post wrote that since Bannon “helmed a campaign heavy on deceit, division, and cynicism, we don’t want any praise from his likes.”

A few months ago I wrote a couple of posts about the possibility of a Trump News Network……

Source: “Trump News Network” – In Saner Thought

And few days later I wrote yet another along the same lines……

Source: Trump’s News Network Or Reality Show? – In Saner Thought

Since I wrote those posts another incident has occurred….this time it is the VOA that made the news…..

But it’s not the money that VOA gets that is worth noting; it’s the changes in its mandate. What used to be a propaganda machine directed externally is now going to be turned inward on the homeland. Is this what Trump meant by “American First. Always America First”? You see, the new VOA is going to be allowed to operate in the United States and it is no longer going to be run by an independent board of governors. It will be headed by a CEO appointed by the president. Yes, it’s Donald Trump’s personal broadcasting network, just like he wanted during the campaign, but paid for by you and me—we who can’t afford PBS and NPR at half the cost. But what propaganda could the VOA broadcast to people who already believe in freedom?

About now the reader is thinking that I have gone off the deep end or something….let me explain what the VOA has to do with is situation….Voice of America (VOA) no longer is controlled by a non-partisan board but rather a CEO appointed by the president…that means Trump holds the keys to what is reported on VOA…in essence he has his News Network at his disposal.

The news will soon reflect the personal characteristics of the man himself….

  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents
  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
  • Requiring constant admiration
  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you
  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

That’s right…..Trump now has control over a media outlet…..how will it be used?

28 thoughts on “A Step Closer To Trump TV

  1. I believe Trump News is high on the list of Bannon to propagandize and stifle the truth or anything they do not want the “people” to learn. It is reminiscent of the Hitler era. His threat to send in the feds, his claim to need his own private “security” team…shades of the Brown Shirts.

      1. You are far from alone…if only the sheeples would wake up, or maybe they look forward to fascism.

      2. If you are not white christian male, you are a second class citizen, or maybe you don’t even rank that high in the mind of Trump and Bannon, Sessions…I could go on.

      3. Oh, it’s happening! I am furious that The emperor has threatened to withhold federal funds from UC at Berkekey. he must think our taxdollars are his personal funds , that can’t be since he hasnt paid taxes in over 17 years.

    1. Did you notice his 1st presser he picked on a unknown blogger, right wing of course, for the first question and then there is Breitbart…they are closer to that pocket than FOX I believe….chuq

  2. All he’s missing is the aviator shades and a dark military-officer’s uniform with cover on his orange hair, screaming from the pulpit like Roger Waters’ totalitarian “Wall” leader. Yikes–how close are we, I wonder. Time to release tension with another view of the “dramatic chipmunk” video.

    1. His whole demeanor is that of an egoistical dictator….just watch what he does plus he has his “Cheney” in the shadows…another sad action for us….chuq

  3. There has been so much criticism of the TV channel ‘Russia Today’ as the propaganda arm of Russia, and also of ‘Al-Jazeera’ for supposedly supporting militants in the Arab world. Yet it appears to be perfectly acceptable for Trump to have his own news network, and to control as many others as he can afford to buy.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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