Radicalization Continues

We hear about this group or that group that is becoming more and more radicalized…..Muslims and even some say the African-Americans…..but there is one group that is seldom mentioned in all these conversations and accusations…….whites.

I read an interesting take on this issue……

A while back ago I spoke in great pain on how I’m losing friends fighting racism.  I talked about how one can have friends (white) who will invite you (black person) to a Christmas dinner, but will engage in vehicular manslaughter when it comes to Black Lives Matter protesters.  What I didn’t really discuss was this radicalization process among the white community in America which makes such violent ideas possible.

Radicalization?  You probably never really took a look at it. You’re probably wondering what am I talking about.  Radicalization?  What radicalization?

Source: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Radicalization of Whites? – AfroSapiophile

I am sure there will be some that will not appreciate this article…..but if one is honestly watching society then one can see why this question was asked….


6 thoughts on “Radicalization Continues

  1. It makes sense to me that anyone can be radicalized to fight for their beliefs. You can make an argument that whites in the 1950’s were radicalized to reject anti-segregation. You can also make an argument that white members of the oligarchy are radicalized to protect their wealth at any cost. It’s a shame that we’ve lost the ability to communicate properly in this unprecedented era of, uh, technological communication…..

    1. I have seen it here….some do not want a conversation they want to spout and then get pissed when i will not agree with them….we are better than that….chuq

  2. That was a very well read, popular article, certainly well expressed but too narrow in scope. Personally I look at the problem, not from a racist radicalization primarily, but from rising global pressure of dwindling or higher-cost resources, over-population and over-crowding. First the most oppressed with nothing to lose become radicalized: that’s to be expected; it’s historical and history repeats itself. Since in white communities, particularly America, they are the non-white, non-Christian, that happens with Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. This basically leaderless “mob” movement creates a wave of fear among the more privileged white majority, itself becoming aware it is losing economic and political ground, which translates as scapegoatism. They need an identifiable, weaker minority to blame for their losses, and they radicalize against that minority. But let’s never forget who are the most radicalized segment of society; who are those totally responsible for all of the rest: the elitist 1%. Eventually and inevitably the fear and hatred will turn around 180 degrees and catch up to them but for now they are too well protected by police, military, legal shenanigans, security forces, power to hire and fire in their predatory capitalistic enterprises, and they own or are, the governments and the church(es), thus setting the rules of the game. So the numbties, as usual, turn on each other first. It’s the old Machiavellian trick of divide and conquer. Now read my lips: unless the 1% deliberately and voluntarily divest themselves of their illegally, unjustly and immorally accrued power, this global radicalization “movement” is unstoppable; is going to increase, leading to local wars (as in evidence now in the Greater Middle East and Africa), to pogroms and genocides.

  3. I read the article with interest, but don’t really regard the issue as anything new. White supremacist groups are no surprise in the USA. Together with the Christian fundamentalists, fortress-home isolationists, and gun-toting- pickup-truck- good- old- boys, they have all been around as long as I can recall. Perhaps they feel validated by Trump’s victory, but I don’t doubt that he will soon do something to piss them off.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Yeah a better word would be “emboldened”….he seems to be playing ball with them for now….that does not bode well for the nation….chuq

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