A new word for the annals of political thought……”Twitocracy”….(God I love that term)…..

Now people will do what they do best…define this to fit their paradigm…..but I am talking about the use of Twitter…..nothing more…..

Our new prez did something that few other politicians, and yes he is a politician, at least now have been capable of doing…using Twitter to do his work for him.

I think it was brilliant in the beginning but now he is using it like most trolls use it….as an immature way to try and slap down any opposition…..a shame….he could use it for good but instead he rather act like a 5th grader in the school yard mash down….immature and juvenile…..

John Peeler: As long as his Twitter followers will follow, Trump will be able to instantly shape reality to suit his needs.

It surely was fun watching House Republicans fold before the Trump Twitternaut. They only wanted to gut an independent ethics watchdog panel, but they didn’t reckon with The Donald’s Tweet Power. Within hours of the closed-door vote, congressional offices were deluged by outraged constituents after Trump tweeted his disapproval. We are in a new era.

As long as his Twitter followers will follow, Trump will be able to instantly shape reality to suit his needs. As with the House GOP, he can crystallize a judgment that will resist evidence and force conformity. As with the CIA and Russian hacking of the election, he can, with no evidence whatsoever, cast doubt on the considered judgment of intelligence professionals, even while resisting being briefed by those same professionals. As with Hillary’s emails, he can magnify and distort an issue without regard to truth, to his own advantage.

Source: Twitocracy: The Trump Era – LA Progressive

So is the 24-hour media failing the public?

Yes it is…….every time they respond to his Twitocracy then he has won and their reporting is bogus……

Trump is media fodder. Every day he offers two scoops of drama with a hearty dash of intrigue.

And while Trump is great for TV ratings, commercial success comes at a cost. He uses the mass media—especially the 24-hour news networks—for self-serving advantage.

He can do that because he’s crafty, having lived in the media space for so many years. He knows that many Americans get news from social media (60%+ according to a recent Pew study). And he knows that 24-hour news networks serve as a primary news source for many folks around the country.

Source: Why 24-Hour News Channels Are Failing America – LA Progressive

By giving Trump what he wants then the media is failing the public….they take the bait and run with it….giving the slugs more bait to keep the media occupied and moving in an approved trajectory…

12 thoughts on “Twitocracy

  1. I have said that he is attempting to destroy the credibility of our press (not the conspiracy press) The more he can muddle up a story, unchallenged, the more successful he is.

    1. So very true…..I love their “alternate facts” that even his advisers help pass on….what has this country become? No need to answer it is obvious to anyone with a brain….chuq

  2. Once again, we see more evidence of the basic idiocy of the mundanes of our world; because Twitter appeals to their basic laziness in thought, by providing ‘data bites’ small enough to swallow whole, without chewing, or thinking. The past few years have thus provided the training desired by those who manipulate the truth, so nobody who sees a tweet bothers to question any of its veracity, or connection to reality….

    The bell curve is killing us, and now, a clinically insane ‘reality show’ star, who carries on a running battle with reality and truth, has gained access to nuclear weapons, and a cadre of trained myrmidons to carry out his insanity on a world-wide stage….

    Homo suicidus, at work and play….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Aye… it would be, if it wasn’t so damn real, and there weren’t so damn many of them…. Twitocracy is all to accurate, I’m afraid… I just wish the world had a twit filter… *sad smile*


      2. It is truly sad that there are so many of them…I cannot wait to hear them tell the world the the 20,000 mark for the DOW is all because Trump was elected….there theorem is “I believe therefore I am right”….chuq

  3. I actually believe that Trump has pulled off something of a masterstroke by his use of Social Media to connect with people who would not otherwise bother to watch or read anything about politics. Because he uses the same platform as them, they somehow feel that he is relating to them personally. I don’t know if he has a Facebook page yet, but if not, that must surely come?
    Regards, Pete.

    1. I agree it was a great idea plus he can get his message out and cheaply…but the Tweeter is taking over…I have more trolls there than on WP…I do not use FB…I do not trust them….chuq

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