Was Obama A Transformational President?

Some of the people I talk with think that Obama was a very transformational president….others think that the country went down the toilet under his leadership….me?

I do not think he was all that transformational…..his admin was very similar to that of Bush and that of the Clinton one…..he did give us a health care law….the problem as I see it is that it was too weak and controlled by the industry it was suppose to control…his signature trade deal, the TPP, was horrible in the vane of NAFTA…his financial regulations were weak at best…and thise are just the ones off the top of my head….

This all brought up an interesting thought….so I do what I always do….go looking for answers….and I found an article in the Politico that covers this question….

For weeks now, the impending departure of Barack Obama from the White House has inspired a run of paeans to his greatness, a flood of laments about how much he’ll be missed. Everywhere there are bouquets to his classy family, tributes to his avoidance of scandal, toasts to his decency, appreciations of his dry wit. Even his reading habits are cause for celebration: “Not since Lincoln has there been a president as fundamentally shaped—in his life, convictions and outlook on the world—by reading and writing as Barack Obama,” wrote the book critic Michiko Kakutani in a front-page New York Times story. (Really? More than Theodore Roosevelt, who read a book a day and wrote more than 30 himself? Or Woodrow Wilson, our only Ph.D. president and one of the leading political scientists of his era?)

Source: Was Obama a Transformational President? – POLITICO Magazine

Sorry but I do not see where anything got better for the people of this nation under the leadership of Obama…..well beyond the top 1% that is……

Now we move on and wait to see if Trump will be all that transformational…..so far it appears that it will not be so much….but it is early in his rule….we will just have to wait and see.

Be patient….we are told…..something we Americans are not that good at doing…..the country and the world are watching….

21 thoughts on “Was Obama A Transformational President?

  1. I agree. My complaint with Obama was he was a first-term Senator. I think he was forced to ‘wing it’ as time went on and he went off the track dramatically in his last 4 years. But that’s over now and I think instead of watching and waiting, I choose to work harder to unite all of us, work on the US, where it just may count for something – and let the world watch all they want.

      1. I think that women are smarter than that….the media loves its celebs and they will push the paradigm that they are leading….I doubt it…

  2. From what I have been seeing from here women ain’t that smart 🙂
    I am sure you know what I am talking about or shall I get the head gear on?
    I did send you the tweet did I not? let me know. I shall resend with relish.

    1. Tweet arrived and thanx…..women are like all other groups in the US…they think they have won and let their guard down and have to fight the same fight over and over…..

  3. SIGH…. I’m afraid I must refrain from any extensive diatribe re: Obama, or, for that matter, the Trumpette; to even begin to tally the lies told by either one would be a task of gargantuan degree. I think I can best deliver the flavor of my thoughts by merely saying, both of them are typical creatures of their ilk, to wit: politicians, in that they both believe the very bullshit they are spouting about, even thought they know it to be lies and manipulations.

    Re: Obama…. he is the man who has done the most to demean any value attached to the Nobel Prize for Peace. How can he even look at the award without feeling guilt? He is the first President to ever order the dropping of bombs, or some sort of military action, every single day of his 8 year sentence. all done without any sort of declaration of war, or other Constitutionally legal justification. Moreover, he has ordered the killing of both American citizens, and non-Americans, by assassination, via drone-strikes, more than any previous elected official of this country, all without any Constitutional sanction.

    As for the the Trumpette… I’m still surprised he’s been allowed to live this long, and don’t expect him to last much longer. Either he’ll be aced by those corporate assholes he is pissing on, or, some true American patriot will take it into his head to remove him from the public equation, ostensibly for the good of the American people…

    And, to me, the worst part? It’s all a fucking delusion to begin with. Politics is poopadoodle, and government, along with religion, is the worst idea humans have ever engaged in pursuing. Our insane need to place the world into the shape of our own mental need for hierarchy will be the end of us all… and, a lot sooner than anyone thinks it will…

    It’s all bullshit, ffolkes. Me? I’m sick of paying it any mind, and plan to arrange my life to avoid all contact with those who partake in such foolishness. It means nothing in reality; it’s only our own flawed nature that believes it does…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Does that mean I will no longer have the pleasure of seeing you on chuq’s post,oh the dubious one?
      yes,it is a load of old cobblers…though it provides some entertainment.. but for how long?
      well,we will see..good luck in avoiding human contact…. 🙂

      1. No; I tried to be precise, but, see I was not. I meant I will try to avoid any contact with government officials, or with their agencies, other than what is necessary to keep from drawing negative attention from them. Since that group of humans seems to include almost the entire bell curve, then, yes, I’ll be pretty solitary, for the most part. But, it doesn’t include those who can see how silly it all is (such as chuq, or you, and a small number of other acquaintances), or are working to mitigate the amount of shit they receive as their portion from the fools who buy into it. Since I’m a human, too, I do need connection to other humans; that number, always small, continues to shrink all the time. People with an appreciable degree of rationality are getting hard to find, especially since damn near the entire planet’s surface is infested by the mundanes, and those who prey on them…

        I’ll be by, occasionally; I do enjoy my ranting. But, I’m finding it all to be rather tedious, when compared to the actual reality in which I exist, and attempt to remain centered…. The entertainment factor is losing its appeal, I’m afraid…. It’s not funny any more; not when a man who is clinically, and observably insane has access to nuclear weapons….

        Not funny, at all…


      2. I agree with chuq,he will not last long…as for nukes i doubt if they will be used….what I will say is that the people will eventually cotton on…people do when their pocket is hit…so more unrest will continue & magnify..I try not take life too seriously…and I always get to laugh at least 3 times a day…even if it includes the cat next door as he arrives looking satisfied with a dead bird in his mouth…all relative 😉

      3. & remember both Obama & Trump are just puppets of the ‘structual elite’ & we know who they are…..so keep your eye on them…coz they don’t give damm ’bout mankind..so we at least over the pond try to expose them & play cat & mouse on twitter…they suspend one then we resurrect another account…gotta keep on fighting…what did Monty Python sing? ‘Look on the bright side of life’ 😉

      1. LOL! No; it just means I’ll be doing it less often… I replied more completely to Lady P. who had the same query over my lack of clarity re: ranting/commenting… I’ll be around; I may even be more harsh, as my patience with the mundanes seems to be growing smaller every hour of every day….

        We have an insane clown with nuclear weapons loose in the world; it’s not a good thing to contemplate…. and, tough to prep for….

        But, I’ll be by; I don’t include you in the group of non-rational beings who comprise most of humanity….


  4. From across the Atlantic, I saw no great things from the Obama presidency. Just more of the same old world domination stuff that has been going on for as long as I can recall. He might look good when compared to Trump, but his record does not stand up to any close examination.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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