“You Scratch Mine And I Will Do You”

How to secure job security…..

We all remember the FBI involvement in the 2016 election, right?  Or was that just too long ago for some of you people?

Well it looks like the head of the FBI gets a thank you from our new president…..

James Comey will stay on as FBI director under President Trump, reports the New York Times. Neither the White House nor the FBI has announced the news, but Comey has been telling top aides of late that the president wants him to remain. The Washington Post and ABC News have confirmed it. The decision has been closely watched, given Comey’s controversial role in the election: Hillary Clinton supporters say he cost her the election with a last-minute inquiry into her email that ultimately yielded nothing, while Trump had criticized his earlier decision not to bring criminal charges against her over the email.

Funny how that worked out, huh?

Nobody likes a “brown noser”….a “cheese eater”……


5 thoughts on ““You Scratch Mine And I Will Do You”

  1. “Nobody likes a “brown noser”….a “cheese eater”……” I think this requires some qualification, since it is clear that there ARE a number of people who do like them. Funny how all those who do so happen to be the same sort of liars who think nothing of altering facts to suit their insanity. Perhaps, just adding the short phrase “in their right mind”, between “Nobody” and “likes”, would make it more accurate?….

    But, “in their right mind” is now a phrase not applicable to anyone in the US government, or anyone who supports their insanity, to any degree….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Back stabbers are so predictable…Comey is NO different…who did not think he had an agenda with his lame announcement….they are fun to watch though…LOL chuq

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